Top 10 Tuesday!

As wedding season is almost upon us, I'm sure you're all starting to think about the outfits you can pull together (or perhaps have to purchase *wink wink) for all of the fabulous weddings you're invited too. I'm at the prime age where all of my friends are beginning to get married! It's incredibly exciting, but, can also be a little bit stressful when you're trying to put together outfits (if you're like me, on a budget!) I wish I had the money to go and buy some of the stunning dresses I've been seeing in magazines like InStyle this month, but lets face it...that is not something I have the luxury of affording currently (if ever).

When attending a wedding, you want to look good and feel comfortable, of course. But, I think you should also focus on looking respectable. AKA, wear some undies and for the love of god, pick a dress that's an appropriate length, no one wants a view of your lady garden. I think sometimes people forget it's not an evening at a bar, it's a classy location, with a wide variety of ages, so please, dress accordingly. People often ask, are there colour no no's? In this instance I would probably advise staying away from white, it is the bride's big day after all, you wouldn't want to upstage. And what are my thoughts on black? Is it to "funeraly" (I clearly just invented that word, feel free to use it!) I say NO! I love black dresses, they're so much more fun to dress up and they look great on everyone! Plus, you can wear them again and again! So many benefits!

I've found a ton of super cute dresses (that I now dream about owning on a regular basis) on Pinterest. I'm starting to wonder if this whole Pinterest thing is actually good for me, but then I start to have a pinning frenzy and stop caring. I wish my day job was pinning on Pinterest, anyone else?! I've complied a great assortment of wedding appropriate dressed, so without further adieu:

Here are the Top 10 Dresses I Wish I Owned (and promise I would wear them more then once):
Look at how much fun Lauren Conrad and her pals are having. All super appropriate!

I'm a bow kinda gal, this dress needs me.

Cute LBD! Like I said, you could throw on a cardigan or blazer and wear that bad boy to work!

Headed to a destination wedding?! Why not wear this little beachy number, how freakin' comfy would you be?!

Yes, yes, yes, so sparkly!

I think this one is my favorite, hint hint Mom.

Audrey Hepburn much?!?! I adore this dress and I think it would adore me.

Last, but certainly not least. I would love to see this little number hanging in my closet! How cute and flattering is that?!?

I hope you've all enjoyed my picks! If you already own these dresses I am incredibly jealous! Happy shopping :)

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