Trending Thursday!

Happy 2nd Trending Thursday (or Trendy Thursday as my Mom likes to call it)! This week I thought it might be fitting to chat about a trend that directly affects me. Day of Wedding Coordination.

Now, I am quite sure that "Day of" has been around for a while, but recently, it's becoming a must have for weddings. Mainly, this is because people are not using venues that are typically for weddings. Therefore, they don't offer a planner to assist you. Here's the thing, while you may be all gung ho about planning every aspect of your own wedding (which I think is fabulous if you're into that! It's pretty fun) you still need someone to ensure everything runs smoothly the day of. And no, that can not be you and it should not be a family member. You should be enjoying every second of your big day! And so should everyone close to you. Hiring a person for day of gives you piece of mind that someone else is making sure every detail, that you've tirelessly thought of and designed is taken care of. They're making sure the wedding stays relatively on schedule, they're dealing with all of the vendors and stepping as DJ if need be!

I get that many people just don't have the time or creativity to plan their own weddings and I am always ecstatic to step in to assist them! But, if you're one of those people who is excited at the thought of all of the planning and not overwhelmed, allow me to come in on the day of and make your dreams a reality!

And I'll look so dainty while I do it!

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