Trending Thursday!

Happy 1st Trending Thursday!

I'm excited to start sharing all of the exciting trends of the wedding world. I love reading all of the newest magazines and other blogs for the hottest things in weddings these days.

This week I'll be discussing snack bars. You've heard me talk about candy bars, ice cream bars, cookie bars...there are so many different variations for this fun late night treat! Is there a more fun way to enjoy food then deciding exactly how you'd like it,  personalizing each individual snack?! Hello, that is some exciting stuff! Recently on Pinterest I've seen some other super neat ideas! Why not pop some popcorn, get some shakers and have a popcorn bar? Grab the fixin's for S'more's and have a good old fashioned S'more party.

Like I said, the ideas are endless, you could really have a bar of anything, just make it you!

So, tell me, is this a trend you would incorporate at your wedding? I know I will be! But, I can spoil the surprise of which one it will be!

1 comment:

  1. i'm now expecting a popcorn bar at your wedding (since it's too late for me) x


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