Top 10 Tuesday!

We are weeks away from the official beginning of Spring! And you know how I feel about this bright, sunny season! This weeks Top 10 reflects a great colour palate for a Spring Wedding! Pink and Yellow. These warm colours remind me of Easter and all things Spring! They are a great choice, as they compliment each other very well. Below are some great photo's I found on Pinterest that showcase a great Pink and Yellow themed brunch, as well as some other photo's that could be used as inspiration. The photo's are from a really great blog called Bright Bazaar, tons of inspiring things to check out!

Remember, don't limit yourself to getting inspired for just the wedding with these posts I've been doing lately. Think big picture! Think of all of the opportunities you will have to throw little parties (or your bridal party will be throwing in some cases) leading up to the big day! Try to keep it a similar colour palate :)

I hope this bright post, brought a little sunshine to your day! 

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