Wedi-quette Wednesday!

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday…is anyone else wishing it was Friday?? I don’t know about other brides to be, but, since the moment I got engaged, I cannot sleep. I clearly am too excited about everything and have way too much going on in my mind! Alas, life goes on, work keeps piling up, boxes need to be packed and trashy TV needs to be watched. Since it is Wednesday, let’s chat about some Weddi-quette! How on earth do you chose your wedding party?? And what are the rules behind who stands where? How many attendants should you have? How many could be your Maid of Honor or Best Man? So. Many. Questions.
This has been one of the more difficult areas of planning that I didn’t foresee. Being that I am usually planning other people’s weddings, I don’t get a say in who they chose for their big day. Boy, is it tough. I’ve known for a long time exactly who I would select (still can’t tell you, because I still haven’t told them!) so that wasn’t difficult. The difficult thing for me has been the thought of hurting people’s feelings, I can’t stand that feeling. I am the world’s biggest people please, I get that from my Mom, I wouldn’t say we are doormats, but we certainly take the road of ensuring others happiness, before our own. Sometimes that ends up biting us both in the ass. People keep reminding me that this is my big day; don’t listen to what other people are trying to push on you, easier said than done.
The decision has been made and the ladies I’ve chosen are all extremely special to me, they all hold a very big place in my heart and I will be so honored if they say yes.  I’ve tried to keep my wedding party small, I’ve chosen 4 girls, even though my fiancée has 6 guys. I am truly not hung up on in being equal; I think you need to ask the people you think should be there, nothing more, nothing less. Look at Kate and William; they each had only one person standing with them! So my advice? Take a good, hard, long look at the people you’re considering asking. What affect have they had on your life thus far? Will they be in your life for years to come? How important is your relationship with each of them? At the end of the day, the decision is for you and the groom to make, no one else, don’t let that pressure seep in!
Traditionally, each wedding party has the maid of honor, the best man, bridesmaids and groomsmen. Historically the wedding party was chosen based on whether or not the attendants were married, if you were, you couldn’t be a part of the wedding party, social standing and closeness to the family. As it still stands, the bridesmaids are responsible for assisting the bride, throwing the showers, bachelorette party and assisting in all things dress!
Chose your wedding party wisely, you don’t want some drama fest surrounding your wedding. You want people who love you, support you and will be excited to be a integral part of your milestone!

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