Top 10 Tuesday!

Happy February Readers!

It's almost time for one of my favorite holiday's! Valentine's Day! While some people don't quite buy this is a holiday, I completely disagree. If you celebrate it once a year, it is most certainly a holiday in my books! And really, what's not to love, giving people sweet little cards and treats to let them know they're special to you. Fabulous! I don't think Valentine's Day just has to be for romance, I think you should take the time to make sure everyone feels a little love. So, I challenge each of you to send a Valentine to someone special in your life, spread some love! I'm giving you one whole week to pull something lovely and creative together. Feel free to send me your stories.

This week, I am feeling excited, excited with the prospect of all of the "new" going on for me right now. It is a fantastic time, I move to my new house in less then 2 weeks. It's a little bittersweet of course, I'm closing one chapter of my life and beginning a new one. It's always a little bit sad when something ends, but, that's all part of life!  And my new chapter is looking pretty amazing. I also get super optimistic around this time of year. All of the new spring looks come out and spring colours have got to be my very favorite! They're so bright and cheerful. So, this weeks Top 10, will reflect the Top 10 things that have caught my eye this week. When planning a wedding, you should pick bright and cheerful colours, why not? That is what the celebration is about, your bright and cheerful future with your new partner. So lets get this show on the road:
I. Love. These. Chairs. Wow, they are stunning. I am now making this one of my life goals to one day own a chair as delightful as these.

Love the colour and the shape of the saucer!

Another great thing about Spring? Tulips!!! I love  tulips, they come in the neatest colours!

So bright and lovely!

Yum! This looks fabulous, love the pop of bright colours!

You've all probably figured out my adoration for lanterns by now, these ones are so cool!

I would kill for this skirt, I think it's just wonderful

J. Crew rarely does anything wrong, these flats are tres' chic!

There is nothing better then a great manicure, I usually like to give myself one once a week, keep it fresh! Who can afford to get their nails done that often though?? Besides, it's much more fun to own all of these great colours! Thank you Monica, from The Doctor's Closet for putting this together! 

Stunning idea for a photo and the colour of the truck is beyond cool! 

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