Wedi-quette Wednesday!

About a month ago, prior to me being engaged, I sadly said to Mr. wedding girl, “what on earth do I have to look forward to this year, with no Royal Wedding?!?” If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know this, the wedding of the century, is up there as one of my favorite days ever! Anyways, he looked at me like I had 3 heads and said “who knows, maybe you’ll have your own wedding to plan.” Just like that, and walked away. Well, I’ll be. Something that got me more excited than Kate and William. That bugger knew he was going to propose; I obviously did not, so I calmed my weird giggling down and went on with my day.
Now I obviously know, he was right, I do have my own wedding to be excited about! And I will look to Kate and William for guidance! Obviously, our wedding will not be anywhere near as glamorous or as much of a spectacle. But, darnit, if it won’t be as exciting!
One of the things that made the Royal Wedding so talked about was the maid of honor…Miss Pippa Middleton made her debut as one of the most talked about people of 2011 (that statistic is based on my own information). Anyways, if you weren’t starring at Kate’s stunning McQueen gown, you were wondering how on earth Pippa will top this look on her own wedding day! Come on, people, she was ridiculous! Pips almost stole the show! And she was wearing white…which brings me to my etiquette topic this week.
Bridesmaid attire. So, what are the rules around what your girls should, could, can wear? Long? Short? White? To be honest, there really are no hard, fast rules around this. While some people may frown upon the girls wearing white, it’s actually a tradition that dates way back. The bridesmaids wore white to signify their purity, as well as the brides. My girls won’t be wearing white, not because I don’t want to be shown up, but because I want them to rock their own original look!
In terms of length, it doesn’t matter either, totally depends on the vibe you’re going for. I wouldn’t suggest long dresses if you’re having a hoe down outside. You get my drift, make it appropriate. As for colour, just please ensure to match, if they’re all wearing different shades of a colour, that’s totally fine too, just keep it up! Don’t have 2 girls wearing one dress and one wearing another! At the end of the day, the choice is yours. I just urge you to keep the girls in mind. Everyone should be comfortable and excited! And hey, if you and your maid of honor look as wicked as Kate and Pippa, you've done a great job!

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