Top 10 Tuesday!

Happy Last Day of January readers! Hard to believe we're already one month into 2012! I've got to say, I've been pretty impressed with 2012 so far! I have another very exciting month in the works! I am moving into my first house in the city with Mr. wedding girl (he is super impressed with his blogger title), participating in my first wedding show (stop by the Angus Glen Wedding show on February 18th to say hello!) and in the midst of all of that excitement, I have tons of wedding meetings with my beautiful Spring, Summer and Fall brides.

Suffice to say being organized this year is going to be my very best friend. So this week’s Top 10 is all about prioritizing, last week I discussed some first steps after you’ve gotten engaged, budget allocation was one of them. So what are the Top 10 things you should really focus on when it comes to budgeting?

1.   Venue- you need to have a location right off the bat. Really consider what you want the feeling to be around the day, think of how much effort and time you are willing to spend on your wedding. It’s much easier to go to a venue (like a hotel or golf course) that is a one stop shop, so to speak. However, this can often times be much more costly. Do your research, know your stuff!
2.   Catering- Food is one of the most important and memorable things at a wedding, you don’t want to screw this one up.
3.   Alcohol- This is another big one at weddings, in my mind, cash bars are a no no, people are so rarely expecting it, they often don’t have cash on them. IF you need to cut this cost out, consider having a morning wedding or limit the alcohol served. Alcohol and weddings go hand in hand; people will be expecting a bar.
4.   DJ/Band- This is another aspect that could make or break your wedding. You want great entertainment, because you want everyone on the dance floor having a great time! In order to keep your party bumpin’, you’ll want to sit down ahead of time with your chosen entertainment ahead of time and ensure you’re on the same page! You want just the right balance J
5.   Photographer- While people may not look at their wedding photos all the time, these are certainly keepsake you will cherish and be sharing with others at some point along the way, so do this right. I’m not saying you have to hire the most expensive, artistic photographer, just ensure you get someone that will take all of the pertinent photo’s you will want (for example- family photo’s, ones with grandparents and other important folks in your life) Sadly, tragic things happen, people aren’t around forever, so create memories that you can hold on to.
6.   Wedding Party Gifts- These people have dedicated a serious chunk of time to help you facilitate your big day; do NOT skimp out on these gifts.
7.   Florals- Again, this is not something you have to dedicate a huge portion of your budget to, if that is not what you view as important. But, the difference between fresh, lovely flowers and cheap, improperly taken care of flowers is immense. Sadly, you can tell. There are ways around this of course, you could take a couple of weekend or evening courses and do them all yourself. If you’re crafty you could make paper flowers, just ensure to buy a good batch, you don’t want them browning or dying right away!
8.   THE Dress- This is a hard one, dresses can be insanely priced. And I know you’re only wearing it for one day, which makes it even harder to spend the money. But, this is it, this is your shining moment, you will only get to wear a gown like this once in your life (most likely) so take your moment girl! No regrets! Wear something that makes you look and feel like the princess you are.
9.   Favors- This is not something you need to overly stress over or spend a huge chunk of the budget on, but you will want a fun take away for the guest.
10. Special “something”- you need an element of your wedding that makes it 100% totally and completely you! Make it original and make it memorable!

Those are my Top 10 budget “must” recommendations. There are many more things to spend money on unfortunately, just always keep in mind, it’s just one day! Life is when the real excitement begins!


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