Wedi-quette Wednesday

Yay! It's Wednesday!!! We're half way through the week! Now  that I have a lovely home of my own, all I want to do is nest! I happily look forward to the weekends, when I can hang things on the wall, clean (sounds fun, right?!) and just general organization!

Speaking of being organized, I recently signed up for The Knot wedding planner! I've always wanted to check out this tool and let me tell you, it's wonderful! It's got tons of great ideas and help right at your finger tips. It's a wedding planners dream in terms of organization, keeping you on budget, getting inspiration and setting up a wedding website!

Because this is so front of mind for me right now, instead of etiquette I thought this would be a great tool to discuss. Whether you're newly engaged or part of the way through the process, I urge you to sign up! It has helpful little emails they send along! The first one was "Your First 5 Wedding To Do's!" Once you've signed up you can start utilizing your "planning tools", this could be everything from setting up a budget to organizing your time line. Set up a wedding website, this is a really great thing to use these days, I am all for sending out beautiful invitations of course, but you could add fun little bio's about your wedding party, accommodations near by, menu information (if you have a lot of allergy stricken guests this is a good idea to include), maps to the reception and ceremony, vendor information and of course, links to your registry. Check out the Knot Wedding Shop and start to get inspired, think about what you want your big day to look like! Search vendors in your area, you don't want to wait to long to start booking things, so start to read up on local vendors, asap. Chat with other brides! This is a wonderful feature, you can chat with other brides and wedding planners in your area, this will give you a great frame of reference in terms of who you should use, who you should stay away from, gathering ideas and just talking through stressful situations.

I am blown away by all this site has to offer and cannot wait to explore it more!

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