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Hello lovely readers!

Where has the time gone?? I cannot believe this week marks the end of February. In the past month or so I've gotten engaged, moved to the city and had what seems like a million other little things going all. All wonderfully amazing things of course, but man, does time ever fly! Now that I am officially all settled and a happy Toronto resident, I can dedicate much more time to doing what I love, one of the things being writing on this blog! So, this weeks Top 10 is going to piggy back off of the last one, I'm still so refreshed and inspired by all things bright and springish these days. Must be this gloomy, cloudy weather! I've been noticing that a lot of home design magazines offer some great inspiration for weddings. Many of these magazines offer examples of home decor that is so detailed and lovely, plus you can get great, original idea's for fun things to do in your own home. Your home is usually a reflection of who you are as a person and as a couple, so don't be afraid to borrow some ideas from your style!

What a great looking craft space, I'm really digging the organization!

Those chandeliers are amazing! I definitely want chandeliers on my big day, aren't they so classic and regal looking?!

Not only do I love the colour usage in this room (colour usage I can assure you Mr. wedding girl would never go for!) but I also love that they used an old door as the desk! So crafty!

Really great pop of colour! These monogrammed pillows would like great if you had some lounging couches!

Love these colours together! The would look amazing if everything else was white or ivory.

Mason Jars look fabulous no matter what you put in them, but peonies and hydrangea's are my favorite!

Isn't the colour combination for a bouquet?! Love the pops of purple.

What a fantastic idea for a shower, especially if you had access to a body of water like this

These were just the cutest things!

These straws are the hottest event accessory going these days! I love how they've used sprinkles as the rimmer! Amazing looking milkshake :)
So there you have it! I hope this has got you thinking about all of the different places you can find wedding inspiration, it doesn't just have to be the usual places like wedding magazines or websites! Have a little fun :)

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