Top 10 Tuesday!

I think I am finally back on track! Let's start this year off right! There are so many great little touches you could put on a wedding to make it unique and make it you, which you all know is totally my thing! Here are my Top 10 "Fun Things" for weddings:

S'more's Kits?? I mean honestly. What a fabulous idea.

Hard to read the label, but you could put just about anything on there! I love the vintage-y look!

A little more vintage! I love the rainbow design and what a fun selection to chose from!

Cute Cookie Escort Cards! Yummy! What a great DIY idea!

Great idea, espeically at a cottage! And it frees up a couple of bartenders :)

Love this as a DIY card box

This is a fantastic way to celebrate family and friends! I adore this idea!

So fun and colourful!

Simple and cost friendly!

What a neat idea for a guestbook, plus, this would be so much fun to look at after the wedding!

I hope you enjoyed my "FUN" photo's! Adding some fun to any event is always a great idea! I will be back next week with more exciting posts! This wedding girl is off to NYC for the remainder of the week, yay!

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