Weddi-quette Wednesday!

With the holiday's quickly approaching more and more family events are taking place. It's so exciting to have time for catching up, exchanging gifts and enjoying delicious food! The only downside can sometimes be that one family member who has zero social grace. You know the one I am talking about, maybe they drink a little too much, say questionable things, have been known to get a little too emotional.

Every family has one, so don't stress out over thoughts of them grabbing the mic at your wedding and telling ridiculous stories. Think ahead, have a family member or close friend keep an eye on them, be ready to diffuse the situation with laughter, don't get angry. Trust me, no one really cares and it makes for a great story after!

Family is a wonderful thing, but you don't chose who you're related to all of time. Try not to hurt any one's feelings by not extending and invite because you're afraid of the "what ifs". This is your big day, so don't let anything or anyone get you down, girl!

Happy Wednesday!

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