National Cupcake Day

OK...I was not aware there was such a thing as "National Cupcake Day", I mean, it sounds delightful and will clearly be something I plan on participating in. But, they really need to amp this up and give it the exposure it deserves! Cupcakes are just lovely, everyone likes them, they're fun to eat AND fun to say! I should be a cupcake spokesperson.

Anyways, in honor of my new favorite holiday, here are some of my favorite cupcakes! Click under the photo to get the recipe!
Sprinkles (The First Cupcake Shoppe, loved by celebrities, this will be a MUST try on my upcoming NY trip, NY just opened it's first Sprinkles)

Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes (My fav!)

Martha Stewart's Devil Food Cupcakes

I hope you enjoy these recipes! Whether you're going to bake them, eat them or give them away as a gift, I hope everyone has a wonderful National Cupcake Day, I know I sure will!

I look angry....but I'm the total opposite...mmm Carrie Cupcakes!

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