People, I have had a revelation! For months my friends have been urging me to get on Pinterest, they're shocked I wasn't all up in that. I just couldn't find the time I saw fit to dedicate to such a fun sounding project. Well, with the help of my new iPad I have found the time....and it was well worth it. I don't want to say I am addicted, that might be pushing it. But, boy am I having fun!

If you're not on Pinterest or have no idea what it is, you certainly are not alone. If you are a creative person, looking for an outlet and a great source of inspiration, this is for you! The way it works is- you sign up for a profile, chose the things you would like to "pin" (which means the photo's/books/crafts etc that you would like to focus on) and make a board. The boards could be "Weddings", "Food", "Books & Movies", "Crafts", almost anything! It is so much fun and all of your great idea's are in one place!

I've found it really handy, when I ask what they want their wedding to look like, they say "check out my
Pinterest!" It truly is a great tool and I am officially hooked! If you're looking for me, I'll probably be busy pinning :) Check me out- Jessica Kavanagh

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