Weddi-quette Wednesday

Hello lovely readers!

I am having a blogging revolution! Let's call it a blogolution! I have recently become the owner of an iPad, hooray! I've only had it for a day, but it has become clear I am in love. Mainly because this will be such a great help with all things weddings! Plus, it's a wicked organizational tool and I do love being organized.

So today I will be discussing some etiquette that will pertain to Holiday Parties, tis' the season! If you're like me, your favorite part of the holiday's is not the gifts, the food or Justin Bieber serenading Mariah Carey in your all time favorite Christmas song (I mean, those things are obviously up there!) but, it's the time you get to spend with family and friends. It might mean more quality time with the people you see everyday or the holiday's could be your time to catch up with those who live far away, those who are so busy during the day to day or for those family members you happily reserve for holiday's only. (Don't judge, you all do it!)

One of the questions I have been asked is "Should I be bringing a gift to every party I attend?" To me this is an easy answer, yes. However, it isn't that cut and dry for most people. Some find the idea of having to bring a gift to every party they attend daunting, overwhelming and expensive. Here is a nice thought, it doesn't have to be any of those things! Seriously, people aren't expecting a glamorous, over the top gift for hosting a dinner, they didn't just give birth to Jesus in some hay, no need to bring gold, frankincense and myrrh. Bring some beautiful, fresh cut flowers (who doesn't love getting flowers...honestly!) a nice bottle of wine, some yummy home baked goods, whatever it is, it doesn't have to be excessive. All we're looking for here is a nice little thank you! Here is the catch, if it is a pot luck, you don't have to worry, you're already gracing them with something delicious! Just make sure people know you're thankful! Your host will appreciate the gesture, I promise!

I hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday, can you believe we're already one week into December, where does the time go!? Enjoy all of your Holiday Parties, whether you're like me and like to play hostess or you love to attend, cherish the good time spending!

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