Weddi-quette Wednesday!

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties have been a long time tradition that marks the end of "single life" (even though, if you're getting married, you probably haven't been single for a long time) and the beginning of your life as a married couple. The problem is, many of these so called "parties" have a tendency of getting out of hand. Movies like The Hangover, totally give bachelor parties a bad name, people expect that is the way it should be.

Well, if you a girl with good manners and you fancy yourself some proper etiquette, I'm here to tell you, your bachelorette doesn't have to be filled with strippers and sex toys (it totally can if you're into that though...no judgement.) Me, on the other hand, I would be much more into something a little bit tamer. Something that wouldn't illicit any one of my girls to turn into a hot, hot mess and wake up in the morning with make up smeared on their beautiful little faces, hair that screams wash me only to ask me what happened the night before. That's not my cup of tea. So what, you may ask, would I do to celebrate?

Well there are many options out there, you could hit up a spa for the weekend or hire a spa team to come to your home, you could go to a cooking class, you could have a weekend away and lets face it, you're never to old for a sleepover party! There are tons of different ideas, be creative, don't do the same old stripper, bar scene. Your friends will appreciate it, I promise!

While etiquette certainly does not dictate the activity, it does dictate that the bride shouldn't be paying. I know, I know, another cost for the bridal party. But, it is also completely OK to ask other guests that are tagging along to chip in, especially if you're doing an activity like a spa weekend! It also dictates that anyone can plan and attend this party! It doesn't just have to be wedding guests, but I would suggest keeping the party in the range of 10-20 of your best girls.

Above all, have fun with your favorite girls!

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