Top 10 Tuesday's!

It's hard to believe the Christmas Holiday's are just around the corner! The malls are decorated, Christmas music is already playing on the radio! I'm more of a wait until December 1st and then full steam ahead gal myself, but it does put me in a cheery mood! You know what else puts me in a cheery mood? Things that sparkle! So this week's Top 10's will be dedicated to just that!
  1. Fire Lanterns. These have been a real favorite of mine for some time now. I just think this would be the most amazing thing to see. The story goes that you're suppose to write or make a wish on the lantern, light it up and let it fly, releasing tons of good energy and fun wishes in the sky. Can you think of a better thing to do at a wedding?
  2. Sparkly Shoes! Weather you're wearing heels or flats, make sure they're fun! My personal favorites are these little gems!
  3. Add some sparkle to your Photobooth! Photobooth's are some of the most popular activities at weddings these days! And why not? They're so much fun! You can have all sorts of props and backdrops and why not add a little sparkle?
  4. Add a little sparkle to your drink! Many weddings are also customizing the most detailed parts of their weddings, like drinks! So why not do something like add a little rock candy to your champange? Really make it fun!
  5. Sparkly Nails! This was seriously in fashion last year and looks like its making a come back! OPI makes some really neat colours! As if you're big huge engagment ring isn't enough sparkle, add a little more ;)
  6. Sparklicious Shirts! J. Crew has a fantastic line of party shirts, as I like to call them! These bad boys are a great item for any party, but they would be especially fun to wear to a pre wedding shindig!
  7. Sparkly Clutches, why don't you top off that cute little wedding dress of yours with a shiny clutch!
  8. I love these Holiday inspired ones from Banana Republic!
  9.  Add a little sass to your hair, with a sparkly pin or headband! I love this one Katherine Heigl is rockin'!
  10. Shimmering Cupcakes! I would be remiss not to talk about cupcakes! Come on now, they're my favorite! Evidently everyone knows they're my favorite, I got so many cupcaked themed birthday presents I'm ready to go into business! Clearly my friends and family know me well :)
  11. And last but not least, SPARKLERS! I adore this idea, forget throwing rice or hucking confetti, no no, it's all about the sparklers! Nothing makes for a cooler photo in my mind! Don't believe me? Check this out 

I hope I added a little sparkle to your day!

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