Weddi-quette Wednesday!

Don't be mad! I didn't forget about Weddi-quette Wednesday, I had a post all ready to go yesterday and then I started reading articles on what Kim Kardashian and Kris Humpheries should do with all of their wedding gifts. I thought that would be a much more interesting post for this week, so my apologies that its actually Weddi-quette Thursday (doesn't sound nearly as good).

So that is the big question, since their marriage dissolved in such a short amount of time, what is the right thing to do with all of the gifts. Let me lead by saying, like they needed any of them anyways. I get it, gifts are a nice gesture to give to a couple starting out, but the whole point of them is to HELP the new, probably broke couple, start to make a beautiful home for themselves. The fact that Kim and Kris even chose to spend as much as they did on their wedding actually blows my mind, the woman wore 3 different Vera Wang dresses! Talk about unnecessary. But hey, I suppose since they have the money, they can spend it however they choose. The thing about this marriage is you could see it was doomed from the very being, so sad. They were just never on the same page or at least that is how it was portrayed. I will come out and say it, I feel bad for them. I know, I know, they brought this on themselves and all of that, but their still human and heartbreak still happens to them. But lets be honest, they were never excited about the marriage part, just the wedding. And you know what I always say, the marriage part is the best and most exciting part, the rest is just icing on the cupcake. (mmmm cupcakes!)

Etiquette expert Lizzie Post says that they should definitely return all of the gifts and not donate to a charity, which is what Kim has said she will do. Post also states, "I don't want to come across as saying that charity wouldn't be a great way to handle it. It's just that in that case, you're making a charitable donation on someone else's behalf under your name." It's just in bad taste, if you're donating to the charity with someone else's money, which you essentially are, you should be allowing them to select the charity and you certainly shouldn't be getting the huge tax write off. Kim and Kris should definitely do the right thing and return the gifts, they already apologized to everyone who put in all of the hard work for their wedding, so they're on the right track.

At the end of the day, the saddest part is the marriage didn't work. I hate seeing that, they probably could have given it more of a go and tried to make things work. Marriages are just like any other relationship, it's a two way street, both people have to be on the same page and want the same things. Don't let the excitement of a wedding cloud your judgement on this, because once that is over, reality will set in and you want it to be every bit as wonderful.

Have a wonderful, sunshine filled weekend!

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