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My Dad (and #1 blog reader) kindly sent me this article from the Toronto Star last week. The article is all about unique, affordable wedding gowns! Way to go Dad, as you know that is my mantra!

After reading through the article I was pleasantly surprised to find a cute little duo of fellow wedding lovers who want to make dresses affordable for brides (but still glamorous and lovely!). When you think affordable, especially in the dress department, your mind can often slip to horrible thoughts like polyester and weird beading. The reality seems that your dream dress is going to set you back thousands! But it doesn't have to. This wonderful boutique in Yorkville is one of the answers.

As with all other research brides are doing for their wedding, the dress should be something you really look into. Get all of the facts, you don't have to wear Vera Wang, although I'm sure you want to! Most little girls dream of what their big day is going to look like, details may change, colours will differ from year to year, as will flowers, the menu and the music. But one thing always remains, the dress. Believe me when I say I've had mine picked out for years!

The dress is one of the most important aspects of the wedding. It's the one day you get to feel like a star! I mean, a glamorous, red carpet strutting, Kate Middleton-esque beauty. All of this being said, my feelings on this matter still remain the same- don't go bankrupt for a dress you will wear for one day (or have plans of wearing while doing light house work...why waste such a pretty dress I say?) Find something that works for you, there are many options, boutiques like the one featured in this article, dressmakers that will make your dream dress for a fraction of the cost, used wedding dresses shops (it's not what you're picturing, it's truly a viable option). I actually just spoke to one of my brides who has found her potential dress there! She has given the shop rave reviews and I cannot wait to see what she has chosen!

At the end of the day you will of course want to look and feel your best, but I promise you will feel even better with a little extra cash stashed away for more fabulous outfits!
I will use photo's of this wedding any chance I get....what on earth will I look forward to this Spring with no Royal Wedding??

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