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Thanks to the wonderful world of blogging, I am able to have my very own creative outlet, a pretty little space where I can talk about whatever I want and share some tips and inspirations. I can also look to other fellow bloggers for tons of things! Idea's, photo's, inspirations and blogging love! The blogging world is like it's own little community, there is so much praise and kindness out there. I have friends (Michelle and Emma, I'm talking to you!) that religiously read blogs, I love the thought that my space is someone else's morning coffee break read. M, E and I swap blogs that we love, turning our lists into even bigger (sometimes out of control lists). This week, to change it up a bit, I decided to share my favorite 10 blogs with everyone! NOT an easy feat to widdle it down to 10! I urge you all to check these lovely ladies out, their beautiful, funny and inspirational! I promise you will get hooked!

  1. Jillian Harris You've heard me talk about this sassy chicka in the past, I'm quite certain it won't be the last time! She is just a wonder to me, so perky, quirky and sweet! Plus, the girls got an eye for good fashion! Some of my favorite things about her blog are Food Friday's (I've tried a handful of her recipes and have yet to be disappointed) and Wednesday Wonders where she discusses things she loves that week! So great!
  2. What's Up Whimsy! Shannon from WUW is what I like to call my blogging guru, whenever I have a blog related question I throw it her way. Her blog is actually what gave me the balls (for lack of a better term) to start the wedding girl, so we should all thank her...ha ha. WUW features tons of awesome posts, ranging from interior tips and tricks to event design, this is definitely one to check out! I have the honor of working with Shannon on her sister, Caitie's, upcoming wedding this summer! Keep your eyes peeled for some fun posts on that!
  3. Across The Pond One word for this blog, HILARIOUS. Seriously, this chick is blogging soul mate. Enjoy!
  4. The Doctor's Closet This chicka is a doctor, fashion and interior design goddess AND she makes her own jewellery! Where does she find the time?!
  5. Life of Meg You know those days when you just need a pick me up!? A good friend telling you something inspirational? Well, Meg can be that friend, this is one happy go lucky girl! And reading her blog will make you feel fun and sunshiney (totally make this word up)
  6. Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls Here's another fun, happy blog. This little lady is also a jack of all trades. I always find her blogs cute and light, just what I love to read with my morning tea!
  7. Suri's Burn Book This is another hilarious blog. You have to have a great sense of humor for this one. But, lordy does it ever make me chuckle. I often times have to remind myself it's not actually Suri writing it. You'll know what I mean when you read it...don't judge me for thinking a 5 year old is that smart.
  8. The Mean Girl Diaries "The Mean Girl" is a relatively new Mom and writes a funny blog about her day to day life. I LOVE it, plus she has the cutest little girl ever! Until I have a little girl that is...who I will name "Mini Me" much to the chagrin of everyone in my personal life. Can the world handle 2 wedding girls?!?
  9. Fairytales are True I can hear it now, people who know me are saying "she would love a blog called that" and I really do. Seriously, worth the read, it will make you smile.
  10. Yep, they are all Mine Her byline is "I cannot afford retail therapy, therefore I blog" need I say more?
I urge you to check these blogs out, I obviously do all the time! You won't be disappointed!

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring me Jessica! I'm so honoured! And I'm so excited for Caitie's wedding...it's going to be epic!


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