Top 10 Tuesday!

I think the cold weather is officially upon us. After a seriously GORGEOUS Thanksgiving weekend, I think we're bidding goodbye to that warm, sunny weather. While you won't hear me complain, thanks to my sassy Fall wardrobe, sometimes on cold rainy days, the thought of a sunny beach is overwhelmingly desirable!

As I was listening to the rain pound away, I was certainly thankful I was tucked under a blanket in my favorite chair, reading Martha's newest Wedding gem. It was the annual Honeymoon & Destination Wedding and let me tell you, it was dreamy! I wish that I had all the money in the world and could afford to fly all of my loved ones to a remote destination for my wedding! I wouldn't even choose a beach, I think I would go somewhere like Ireland...sigghhh. While that is not in the cards for me, it sure is for a wide arrangement of lucky people! So whether you are having a destination wedding, attending one, off on your honeymoon or lucky enough to be taking a trip soon, here are the wedding girls Top 10 Must Haves for travelling! Sorry gentleman, this week is geared for the ladies, I promise to make a point of doing a Men's version soon!

  1. A Good Ballet Flat: My personal favorite at the "City Flats" from The Gap. These little babies are excellent travel companions. They are super easy to slip on and off at security, they travel really well, as they fold up and come with their own little travelling bag! And, best of all, they come in a wide variety of colours! What's not to love??
  2. A Great, Roomy Bag: If you're anything like me, then you like to ensure you have enough room in your carry on for a whole bunch of fun stuff! While people are no longer dressing up to travel like they used to when only the wealthy were able to afford to travel by plane, a sassy bag can never hurt and is ALWAYS a great idea. Plus, while I agree you should be comfortable, especially for long flights, you don't have to look like a complete slob! My personal favorite bag to travel with is my Longchamps bag, it somehow fits everything! My only complaint is that I wish there were more compartments, but hey, you can't win em all!
  3. Books or a Kindle: I've always fancied myself a bit of a dork, if you look in my bag at any given time I always have a book. You just never know when you're going to need to kill some time! I've finally broken down and have jumped on the Kindle boat....but I still love the way a good book feels! So obviously a good book (or a couple!) is a travel must!
  4. Camera!: This one is obvious, no matter what the trip is, your going to want to capture all of your wonderful memories on film! Make sure you have your camera, that its charged and that it has a cute case (you wouldn't want it get scratched now would you?)
  5. Denim Jacket: I still love the denim jacket look, I think it looks awesome with just about anything....except more denim, but everyone knows that rule right? You can dress it up, you can dress it down and it travels well.
  6. Pashmina!: This, just like a good book, is usually something I carry around on a pretty regular basis. You never know when you're going to need to wrap yourself up in case its chilly or maybe your outfit needs a little sprucing up! This is another thing that travels great, doesn't wrinkle or take up tons of room and is a multi-purpose item!
  7. Blistex/Lip Balm: There is nothing worse then having dry, sore lips and having no form of moisturizer! This is something many people overlook, unless its something you always have in your purse. But, this is serious, you want to keep those lips kissable!
  8. A Maxi Dress: This is key for any travelling wardrobe. Trust me, you can dress it up for a night on the town or wear it to a causal brunch. Its comfy, its feminine and its versatile!
  9. Cardigan: I love me a good cardy. I will wear it with dresses, jeans, dress pants, heck I'm even known to wear one with my jammies! I have one in just about every colour and I could really never have enough! Once again, they travel really well, they're great if you are unsure of what the temperature will be and you can layer!
  10. Last but not least....Wellies: If you are not going somewhere hot and you are going somewhere like Ireland, my dream destination, you're going to want a pair of snuggly wellies. I have just gotten my first pair of Hunter boots, something I've been drooling over for quite sometime now (Thank you Ryan!) Anyways, I am converted, I don't think I will go anywhere without my beloved Hunters! As I learned in rainy San Fran, you are so much happier with dry feet! So while they will potentially take up a lot of room....you'll be happy you have em!

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