Top 10 Tuesday!!!

This weeks Top 10 has come from another inspirational email from Martha Stewart Weddings! Since we're right in the heart of Fall Wedding season, I thought, there is no better time to discuss some fun Fall Wedding Favors! The thing to keep in mind with many of Martha's items are, this girl loves a good DIY project! So, with that, let's get started:
  1. Fall Totes!- This is a really great idea because its something your guests can actually use again. I know this is your wedding, but come on, no one wants coasters with your name on it or a magnet of your cat. Fall totes are super simple to make (or buy) just get a canvas or reusable bag, some fabric paint and go to town! If you're not very artistic you can totally get stencils or stamps! This bag is really cute!
  2. Leaf Covered Candles- This is another great item to give out. I'm sure you can buy Fall themed candles, but I also saw a really great DIY project on Pintrest, my new favorite site! (Still figuring out how to design my own boards!!!) Anyways, basically you collect leaves while they're still good, not crunchy. And then you simply just tie or hot glue gun them to a small glass tea light holder. How great is that?!?
  3. Mini Address Books- I know, I know, this day in age who even has an address book? I'm not afraid to admit I do! I get it, with Blackberry's and iPhone's you can just walk around with it all at your finger tips, but I'm still a bit of an old fashioned gal when it comes to some things! Plus, my address book is actually called "A Dress Book" and its got a dress on it....brilliant! The great thing about these little books is you can feel free to add all of your new information as a happy little married couple in it for everyone!
  4. Tea Bags- This is a very popular one...I would guess this is from a little thing I like to call Royal Wedding Inspiration. It doesn't much more British than giving Tea as a gift! But, you can write all sorts of cute messages on the bags. "Our love is brewing" "Steeping in Happiness". Inspirational quotes of your choosing. I'm actually quite a fan of this one if you and your significant other are tea lovers!
  5. Corn husk Votive- This is a similar gift to the leaf candles! Same idea, getting some corn husk and attaching it to a small votive. But, the difference is you can dye the corn husks a lot easier! This would make sticking with a theme a little bit more do-able! Plus, the votive can be used for candles or small flower arrangements! You know me, I love multipurpose things!
  6. Cookie Jars- Who doesn't love cookies? What comfort food! Do you have a really special cookie recipe in your family? Are you a talented cook yourself? Why not fill a cute little jar with some treats and add the recipe to the side if you're so inclined! What a fabulous and yummy take away!
  7. Pumpkins!- I couldn't have a Fall list without pumpkins on it! I don't care how you decide to do this, give out pumpkin candy! Mini pumpkins! Pumpkin pie! There are so many ways to use pumpkins, why not use them as a little gift as well?? Nothing says fall like pumpkins!
  8. Halloween Candy Bags!- What do you think of when you think of October? Well, if you're anything like me, you think of Halloween! I have always loved Halloween, it's such an exciting day! There is candy! You get to dress up! And it used to be so much fun to trick or treat! So why not make up little loot bags, just like the ones you used to get at birthday parties?!? Candy is a real steal around Halloween and Martha has tons of fun idea's for packaging it!
  9. Mini Pie's!- Pecan, Apple, Mixed Berry, Pumpkin oh my! I just love little, mini things! They are so cute! Plus you feel way less guilty when you finish the whole thing! Once again, you can get these made or try your hand in the kitchen and spend a weekend whipping them up yourself! Look at the cute packing Martha suggests you use!
  10. Jams- I know this one might seem kind of random. But, Fall is such a cozy, homey season. It is a great time to bake, nest and socialize. So why not give out useful, little yummy things! You can purchase Jams of all sizes at a wide variety of places, my personal favorite? Greaves!
I hope you all enjoyed today's Top 10! Just when I thought Fall weather was here to stay, we got some seriously beautiful sunny weather in Toronto today! Looks like Summer is trying it's best to hold on! Praying for it to hold on at least until this weekend!

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