Weddi-quette Wednesday!

One of the most stressful things in any person's life is money. Lets face it, it's a necessary part of being a human, you need it. Starting a new life together usually means merging your money. This is not true for every couple, many keep their money separate and pay for their own things. Everyone has a different view on what is right and what is wrong. If you can find a way to make your household work in a way that makes you comfortable and in a place that allows you to live without resentment, then stick with it!

Etiquette is a bit tricky in this area, as previously mentioned, everyone feels a little bit different about money and what should be done with it. Hopefully you've found someone with a similar life view. The thing is, for a long time it was just the man making the money, so it was thought that he should hold most of the decision making power. I don't completely agree with this, in many situations the woman was staying home for a reason. Anyways, we don't need to get into a whole women's rights rant, but, now it's quite customary for both spouses to be making the money! Decisions should always be made together regardless of who makes more, just remember, there are many more important things in life than money!

Many people have no idea how to start discussing this sensitive, somewhat awkward subject. The problem is, you absolutely MUST discuss it before things get too serious. You need to have a clear understanding of the other persons habits and expectations. Listed below are 25 questions to really get the ball rolling. I found them in a really great article from Real Simple. You can head over there to read the questions in more depth.
  1. Do you carry around a lot of cash?
  2. Do you have a chequing account?
  3. Do you balance your chequing account each month?
  4. Do you have a savings account?
  5. How many credit cards do you have?
  6. Do you carry and use all of your credit cards?
  7. Do you use your credit card for everyday expenses?
  8. Do you pay your credit card bill in full every month?
  9. Have you ever maxed out your credit cards?
  10. Do you do research before making a large purchase?
  11. Do you keep your receipts?
  12. What are you debts?
  13. Do you track your finances? How? (Paper or Computer?)
  14. Do you save paycheque stubs?
  15. Do you have health insurance?
  16. Do you have life insurance?
  17. Are you aware of all of your benefits at work?
  18. Do you have a budget or spending plan?
  19. Have you looked at your credit reports in the last year?
  20. Did you ever require a co-signer for a loan?
  21. Are you a co-signer on anyone else's loan?
  22. Do you have any tax or other liens pending?
  23. Have you ever been put into collection by a creditor?
  24. Do you own any Savings Bonds?
  25. Do you own any mutual funds or stocks?
There you have it! A pretty wide overview of all the important financial questions. If you're wondering any of these about your potential spouse to be, now would be the time to have them! You're in this together now, remember that!

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