Weddi-quette Wednesday! (One day late!!)

Thank you! Merci! Tak! Dank U! Kiitos! Salamat! Grazie! dziękuję! Gracias! There are many different ways to say "thank you". But, they all mean the same thing. Those 2 words are some of the most important ones you'll be using at your wedding. Even if you are the most low maintenance couple in the world, you're still expecting things from a lot of the people in your life! There are showers, Jack & Jill's, bachelor/bachelorette's and the wedding itself! These people are putting a lot of time and money into YOUR big day. Lets not forget that! Let's also not forget that your wedding just wouldn't be the same without all of these lovely people. So, with that in mind, lets talk thank you's!

What is the etiquette on thank you cards you might be wondering?! What should they say?! How soon should I send them?! Well, look no further, I will answer these questions for you!

In terms of keeping life simple for you, just order thank you cards along with your wedding invitations. This way you're staying with a lovely theme, you're organized (nothing like being overly organized!) and when the time comes all you have to do is sit down and write until your hearts content! The thank you cards should be sent out ASAP. Trust me on this one, the sooner the better. People will be expecting a thank you card, they'll want to know that you got their gift that they meticulously chose for you! The only real etiquette rule when it comes to time lines is ensuring the cards go out and are in people's hands NO LATER than 3 months after the wedding.

Now...what should these babies say, other then the obviously thanks! Well from my own experience, I love thank you cards that are personal. Perhaps they have a little inside joke, a reference to an old story, whatever it may be, adding something personal is the best! You could totally add a photo of them having a fun time at your wedding or one of the happy couple! Another thing that the card should include is what they gave you. If it was a gift, perhaps you could give an example of how you'll use it- "We are so excited to host our next dinner party and put our beautiful cheese platter to good use." (Can you tell what I'll be wanting?!?) If it's a monetary gift, let them know what you're thinking of buying- "Thank you so much for your generous gift! We are super stoked to buy gourmet cheeses for our cheese party!" (Again...sense a theme here?) Never mention the amount of the money received, it's kind of tacky.

Other than that there are no real steadfast thank you card rules. Have fun with it! Make it personal! And most importantly- GET THEM IN THE MAIL!

If you're nervous about writing thank you cards because you're not a wordy person, check out this great article! Fill In The Blanks!

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