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I'm feeling creative today! I think the fact that I received my Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine recently and made some time to enjoy it this weekend is helpful! One of the articles discusses Non Floral Centrepiece Idea's. I thought to myself, Hey! What a fantastic idea for this week's Top 10! Not everyone wants flowers at their wedding, they can be expensive and often times you can't be overly creative, other then the way they're arranged. So if you're looking for that something different, you've come to the right place! Here are my Top 10 Non Floral Centrepiece Ideas!
  1. Balloons!- I know people generally think of balloons for birthday parties, but I think they're great anywhere! As long as you pick the right colour scheme for them, there are tons and tons of things you can do with balloons! You can make a cluster of them your centrepieces (just ensure they're at a good length so your guests don't have a blocked view!) you could even can string them on the ceiling as a garland! The possibilities are endless!
  2. Fruit...I know what you're thinking, "Jessica, get real, that is so lame!" But, have no fear, this is well thought through! My vision comes from the Jennifer Aniston movie The Break Up, does anyone else remember the lemon fight? She needed a certain amount of lemons for a centrepiece? Ringing any bells? Anyways, fruit is a great idea for a centrepiece, not only is it colourful and fresh looking, but it can also serve a different purpose! Slice it up closer to the end of the night and make it your fruit tray, send it home with guests, just remember to reuse reuse reuse wherever possible!
  3. "Rustic Harvest Centrepiece"- This one is straight from Martha and so perfect for the Fall. I won't even attempt to describe it. The photo is below! Aren't those colours so gorgeous, Martha has a way of taking something so ordinary, like wheat and dried grass and making it beautiful.
  4. Candles! It doesn't get much more romantic then that. Candles are often used as part of a centrepiece, but rarely as the main attraction. I think this could be a very simple, beautiful choice. Sometimes the venue that is chosen is so beautiful in its own regard, you really shouldn't be taking away from it. So with that in mind, if you chose candles as the centrepiece, keep a couple of things in mind : check with your venue what their policy is on open flames, some need the candles to be covered, ensure you get different sizes or different candle holders, you want some variation and ensure you have tons of backups! Once they go out you will definitely want to replenish them.
  5. Herbs- This one is kind of close to flowers I suppose, but shouldn't be nearly as expensive and they would make great take aways for the guests! Who wouldn't love a little pot of herbs, they're so useful! You can also have fun with the pots and jars you chose to put them in! A nice little DIY project and you all know how I feel about those!
  6. Pumpkins- This is one is specifically targeted to Fall of course, more specifically October. I had to put them in here of course because, we're coming up on October and they're just so lovely! This centrepiece is a reasonably easy DIY, all you have to do is go to a farm or farmers market, pick out your pumpkins and squash, clean them up and arrange them however you'd like! As you can see in the photo, they've also added some candles, which is a nice touch!
  7. Photo's- I've seen this done at a Wedding and thought it was quiet neat. Every table had a mini collage of the couple. This is much easier to do if you've been together a long time as you can designate a time period to each table. Then you've also just numbered your tables, gosh I love when things work out like that! You can find kitchy little frames at antique markets, second hand shops and home stores! And guess what, I think you all know what is coming here, you can REUSE them in your home after the wedding!
  8. Sequence- How fun and sparkly!! Why not use these cheap little guys to light up your wedding?? In the Martha article that spawned on this sensational discovery she had different sizes of glass vases, filled with different sizes of sequence! It looked marvelous! Just try to stick with the same colour scheme as the rest of the wedding :)
  9. Cupcakes- As if you thought this one wouldn't make the list. Yes, this would be tempting for your guests to stare at throughout their meals, just a yummy cupcake tree sitting front and centre. But what a great way to ensure your beautiful little creations (or someone else's creations) are on display! Plus, we've got them on double duty, not only are they your centrepieces, but also your dessert!
  10. Paper Flowers- Yes, yes, this might be seen as cheating, since they're technically still a floral. But, the whole point of this post is to open up your eyes and show you that a) centrepieces don't have to just be flowers and b) you can totally do it on the cheap! So with this in mind, think of these paper flowers as a fun little DIY. Basically Martha suggests getting some thin, long branches, a hot glue gun and some craft paper. Stores like Michael's sell craft punches, which would ensure all of your flowers are the same size! Or, if you think you have a steady enough hand go to town! Again, you can collect some fun, different sized vases and jars, paint them all the same colour and voila! A beautiful centrepiece made by you!

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