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Good morning readers! After what's been a busy couple of weeks, I was glad for some time this past weekend to go through some of my emails. I get an email every morning from Martha (not a personal email, but how I wish it was!) with Darcy's Idea of the Day! I encourage brides to go on to Martha's website to sign up for this email list, Darcy has some truly great idea's and today I will be chatting about one of my favorites!

Last week Darcy talked about some fantastic examples of Dessert Buffets, here are my Top 10:

  1. Chocolate Overload- MMM I must admit I am a chocolate lovin' gal! So when I saw that chocolate was the first dessert buffet inspiration, I knew I would be in love! As you probably already know, there are many different ways you can celebrate chocolate. Get some chocolate cupcakes out there, a full chocolate cake, cookies, truffles, candies....the list could go on, but you get the gist. The important thing to remember when doing a dessert buffet is variety! A little bit of everything is the key. 
  2. Colour Coordinated- You've chosen a theme for your wedding, so why not stick with it, right down to your delicious dessert buffet? There are many desserts that come in a variety of colours; cupcakes, macaroons, candies, cookies, cakes. Just be sure to remember, consistency with you colour scheme will go a long way in terms of the aesthetics of your buffet.
  3. Marvelous Mini's!- They're cute, you can try more then one, they're often cheaper! What's not to love about mini food?? I would eat mini things all day! And there is a wide variety to choose from! Another idea I love is, providing little take out containers (Chinese take out boxes are great and reasonably priced) that way your guests can take some yummy baked goods home with them!
  4. Homemade Goodness- Nothing in this world is better then homemade goodies! This is another way to cut costs, if you have a lot of great bakers in your family, why not ask them to bring some treats?? I love the way it looks as well, sort of eclectic! Plus, you as a guest, may find a dessert they've never tried and absolutely love! It really is a win win!
  5. Local Cuisine- I'm all about supporting small and local businesses. We've got to stick together. I love waking up on the weekend and hitting up the local farmers market! Everything is so fresh and vibrant! So why not support the local businesses and grab your desserts from them? Many farmers markets sell desserts, as do local bakeries!
  6. Pies- While the most popular desserts are cakes and cupcakes, I think people often overlook pies! They come in a WIDE variety of flavors, they all look so scrumptious and give that homemade vibe and who doesn't love pie? Just make sure you have the appropriate toppings, like ice cream!
  7. Theme it up!- Being that Breakfast at Tiffany's is one of my all time favorite movies with one of my all time favorite actresses, the thought of incorporating a little Tiffany in the wedding sounds divine! There are tons of different options to chose from movies, books, songs! Just attempt to stick to the colour scheme! As previously mentioned it is so important!
  8. Candy Galore- I know you've seen the candy bar done on this site before, it's a great option. I always like to suggest that the couples put out their favorite candies, why not, it's their wedding! Add a little paper bag or box and voila! You have your dessert bar AND little take away! Believe me, the car ride home from a wedding is a much happier place with a little bag of candy :)
  9. Towers of Sweets- I love the look of varying heights. Love it! So why not get a variety of different stands and towers to display all of your desserts on! You can have all the same dessert or a bunch of different ones!
  10. I've saved the best for last....ICE CREAM- Hello...who doesn't love ice cream (other then my Mom and she's clearly crazy for not loving it! Sorry Mom!) There are different vendors, such as Baskin Robbins, who will provide an ice cream bar! You can serve different flavors and different toppings! It's truly revolutionary to an ice cream fanatic like myself!!!
I hope you enjoyed this week's Top 10! As always, feel free to write an email if there is a specific Top 10 you'd like to see done! Have a wonderful day!

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