Weddi-quette Wednesday!

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know my adoration for cupcakes. They're cute, they're delicious and they're fun to make, what more could you want?! In my article I speak about downgrading costs by skipping a wedding cake and getting something like cupcakes or a less traditional dessert. It will significantly cut your costs down and it will make for less waste. Seems like a win-win right? The only downside to this is people still like the traditions a wedding cake brings to the table. (Did you like that little play on words?! Like bringing a real cake to the table, I kill myself)

The tradition of the wedding cake actually started as a loaf of bread, sounds way less delicious too me. In the times of the Roman Empire, the groom would break a loaf of bread over the bride's head to signify his dominance over her in the marriage....ummmm hi. If some guy thought they could break a loaf of bread over my nicely coiffed hair to signify him pretending to be the boss of me, he would have another thing coming and it would probably be my fist. Crumbs in my hair? Gross. But I understand this was tradition at the time. The wedding cake has evolved a bit since then, the colour of the cake (usually white) is to signify the purity of the marriage. The cutting of the cake together is to signify the first task performed as man and wife, teamwork! I like it! The top tier of the cake is meant to be saved, frozen and brought out on the couples one year anniversary, cute!

As you can see, I do love all of the traditions a wedding cake brings, here's the problem- its SO expensive. The average wedding cake in Canada costs upwards of $600.00. This is a cake that is a work of art, so pretty you probably don't want to eat it! And its costing that much! It just kills me that you could get gorgeous, yummy cupcakes, for half that price. You could buy cute boxes and give the cupcakes to people as favors! See what I did there? I combined 2 things. Cost cutting people!

So to wrap this up, yes etiquette dictates you should have some form of cake to serve at your wedding. Just to clarify, I said SERVE, not break over someones head. But, etiquette doesn't dictate what form the cake comes in. So, there are certainly some ways around this, you just have to get crafty! Cupcakes, pies, tortes, baked Alaska, cookies, the list could go on and on, but you catch my drift. Lets start taking ordinary traditions and making them extraordinary! Let's change up weddings a bit here and make them unique!

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