Top 10 Tuesday!

Now that I've been outed as a Budget Wedding Planner, I couldn't be happier! Everything that I said in that article I truly believe. So, with that being said, lets save you some money, in some fun, original ways!

This weeks Top 10 List just randomly came to me this morning, I was trying to think about different elements that you could make your own and do yourself. So lets talk guestbook.

Traditionally the guestbook is to keep track of who came to your wedding, so years later you could look back with fond memories of all of your guests. Since then, the idea of a guest book has evolved, mainly to names and well wishes. But, in the last few years I've seen tons of different ideas in place of a guestbook. Here are my Top 10 Favorite Ideas!:
  1. The Wishing Tree- This is an idea I found in a magazine years ago, I've now used it for 2 of my weddings and discussed it on this blog! For my step by step how to make a wishing tree, go here. I just love this idea, good "wishes" for the happy couple? How sweet.
  2. Date Night Ideas- Ummmm....FABULOUS! I read an article about this a few months back, essentially you leave a cute box where the guest book would usually go and ask everyone to give you a neat date night idea! How fun would that be to rummage through? And think of all the fun ideas you would have!
  3. Favorite Memories- Here's another fun idea I've used for a wedding. Everyone attending that wedding must have a funny, happy or embarrassing memory of the bride and groom, separately, or together! There's another fun little book to read through after the wedding. It always amuses me to think of what people might remember of our relationship, do my friends and I have the same fond memories? Or do they favor other memories...hmmm, maybe one day I'll do the Memory Book and find out!
  4. Sage Advice- Do you ever meet those people who "think" they know everything? Maybe they ramble on about some topic that you know they have no idea about? Well in the world of relationships, almost everyone has some advice, be it good or bad, at least you probably know its true. So, why not leave an outlet for people to leave their advice? You'll probably get some great tips! My favorite? Never, ever, go to bed angry. I know, its an oldie and lots of people use it, but I truly believe it in. Its never worth it and lets face it, you have a horrible sleep!
  5. Recipes!- Wow, is this one ever fun! This one will take some planning in advance. You could add a little note with the invitation that in lieu of a guestbook you will be collecting recipes! Ohhhh, think of all of the fun ones you could end up with :)
  6. The "Where do you think we'll be" Game- This is always a fun one (can you tell I'm picking some of these based on what I think would be the most entertaining to read the next day). The title is pretty self explanatory, maybe you could narrow it down a big. Where do you think we'll be in 10 years? 20 years? 50 years? (Lets hope laying on a beach in a happy retirement! Still hand in hand)
  7. Framed Photo- This is a great idea because it's something you can put up after the wedding. If you've had an engagement session (which I highly recommend, you want to know what your photographer is capable of!) get one of the photo's (or any photo of you 2) sized and framed, you can buy frames that have a backing you can write on at Michael's or most craft store. Once the photo is framed, grab some fun pens and let people leave messages and kind words! It will be something you get to look at everyday!
  8. Bring A Photo- This is another activity you have to ask guests to prepare for in advance! But, could also be super fun! If you asked every guest to bring a photo of the couple or a photo of you that has a great memory attached, you could make a fantastic photo album or scrapbook! That's what life is all about, the wonderful memories that are made.
  9. Travel Suggestions- This activity is great for the active couple! Get a couple of funky books, perhaps even place some maps in there and ask for travel suggestions! People travel to all sorts of places and you'd be surprised the great suggestions you will get! I love when people suggest little towns or resturants that turn out to be hidden gems! And really, what's more fun then planning a dream vacation? Even if you can't afford to take it quite yet!
  10. Your own personal Fairytale!- You could buy a beautiful book and make it sort of a madlibs game for the guest. Start it with "Once upon a time..." believe me, people will get creative and it could be potentially hilarious!
There you have it folks! My Top 10 Idea's to personalize and change up the guest book! Remember, keep it fun, keep it cheap and you'll be happier in the long run :)

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