Do you ever have those days where it feels like everything is right in the world? You're just in a fabulous mood for no specific reason? Or perhaps its a variety of reasons, you're reading a great book, just saw a great movie, made the perfect cup of tea, had a great chat with a loved one?! Well I've been running on a string of those days lately, I'm just happy. I've never taken these kinds of days for granted, because there are plenty of times when you wished you felt this carefree, I know that. But days like today make me feel like I have super powers! Working 3 jobs? No biggie! Stress? What's that? haha. I heard a really great saying, might not make sense to everyone, but I find myself repeating it to myself, "be positive about life and life will be positive about you." So far this is working out! Anyways, seeing as this is an events blog, I might have seriously lost some people on my positivity speech! I just can't hide this smile and heart full of happiness!

Alright, on to all things weddings. So about 3 years ago I was helping my cousin with some wedding stuff, it was a very simple wedding so the details were quite small and pretty easy to take care of. She wanted to do something different for her guestbook, so I suggested a "Wishing Tree", which was a very neat idea I read about in a wedding magazine a while back. Essentially its a potted tree (much easier -and cheaper, to make yourself then purchase. Steps for a DIY listed below) and wedding guests write their wishes for the happy couple on small cards that hang off of the branches. After the wedding you either have a really cool decorative tree, if you have enough room in your house, or you can take down all of the wishes and place them in an album. My other cousin, who is getting married in 3 weeks, has also requested a wishing tree!

Here are some photos (since I neglected to take my own!) that I found on some of my other favorite sites:

How great are those?! As you can see they can be any size, height, colour scheme, ect. that you'd like. One of my favorite things about this DIY project is there really is no right or wrong. This could also be a great way to display seating cards if you'd like to take that route as well, I've also seen this done at a Fairytale Baby Shower and it look magnificent! So this simple wishing tree is a small idea that goes a long way! Interested in making one yourself? Here's the steps:

  1. Find a pot or vase with good depth. Depending on how many branches you'd like to have you might also want to purchase heavy duty foam to put in the pot. Pots and vases can be found at a garden store, florist, hardware store or my personal favorite Homesense! 
  2. Go into your backyard, nearest forest or garden store and get yourself some branches!
  3. You're going to want to cut off any leaves, flowers and yucky looking branches, spray painting the branches is optional.
  4. Once your branches are cleaned (painted if you want to go that route) and ready to go, just shoved them into the foam, if you needed it, or straight into the pot or vase. Just remember to distribute the weight evenly, you wouldn't want this beauty falling over!
  5. Now is the fun part, you get to be creative! You can string beads, crystals or ribbons on the treat if you like! Or just leaf (corny tree joke haha) it and let the wishes be the decoration. 
  6. Grab some card stock and cut them into about the size of a business card (again you don't want too much weight) hole punch the corner and string some ribbon through! Michael's has the WIDEST arrangement of ribbons I've ever set eyes on, they'll have what you're looking for! 
  7. At this point you're basically ready to go! I always suggest making up a little card to place in front of the tree as some people might not know what's going on, you can write something as simple as "Hang your wishes for the Bride & Groom!". Keep it simple. And don't forget to grab some pretty gel pens :)
  8. Voila! Enjoy your sweet wishing tree!
I hope you're all having an amazing long weekend and if you're Bachelorette fans, enjoy tonight's premiere! 

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