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June is here! And it looks like it has brought the sunshine with it! I once again apologize for my silence this past week, I've been a little event queen, helping out with some great events over the past few days. After the last few dreary weeks of May (apparently this has been the rainiest May in Toronto's history) I feel revived and energized with a little sunshine in my life! And even with all of the crazy hours one must work as an event planner, nothing refreshes like the sun....except maybe a mani pedi.

But my string of events is not over, not even close, this weekend I have my fabulous friends birthday, we are doing a gorgeous patio dinner at Angus Glen Golf Course, just so I don't spoil my plans, I'll put up photos and explain decor and dessert choices more in detail next week! Speaking of next week, my cousins wedding is finally upon us! What an exciting day for them it will be! As one of the maids of honor I have been asked to make a Toast to the Bride. I know that a lot of people haven't the first idea of how to write a speech (especially for something as personal as a wedding) and on top of that, many are not comfortable public speakers. This wasn't a huge issue for me, having seen my fair share of weddings, weather worked or attended, I always made sure to try to catch some of the speeches. Yes, some speeches can be painfully long and boring, full of inside jokes that no one else knows about. But there can also be beautiful, well written and delivered, heartwarming speeches. Those are the ones I love. To watch the speeches at someones wedding is to get a sense of how those around them feel about the happy couple. Here are some of the things or qualities I've seen and I think make a great speech:
  1. Humor, making people laugh is my all time favorite thing to do! Seriously, for a girl whose hero's include Jennifer Aniston, Chelsea Handler and Kristen Wiig, I LOVE to make people laugh, even if I'm the joke. I'm not talking inside jokes here people, delivery is what its all about. Make sure to practise that speech so that you have a little emotion in your voice and your delivery can be bang on! Put in little jokes about the couple that everyone knows. For example if the bride is always late you could make a crack about her showing up. You get my drift. Just be careful it doesn't turn into a roast..I've seen it, its not pretty. No one (especially not your parents, grandparents and new in laws) need to know about your own personal rendition of The Hangover.
  2. If you're really nervous, keep the speech about what you know, there is no need to quote Shakespeare and make a 20 minute long romantic ballad about how the bride and groom met. Believe me, people aren't enjoying it, but your speech just became humorous. One of the best speeches I ever saw done was from the father of the groom. He got up and did a count down of his own personal top 10- starting out with his wife, then his kids, grand kids, all the way down to his new daughter in law. It was AMAZING, so touching to see this big man get up and talk about all of the things he loved most in this world. He didn't even have notes, it came straight from the heart, loved it! 
  3. When addressing people, please FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, look directly at them. Don't tell the bride how beautiful she looks while reading from a piece of paper. It looks horrible and so in genuine. And even if you're so insanely nervous that looking up might make you pass out, just for that one second it will take you to glance up at the bride, do it. Please, there is nothing worse then a straight paper reader during an emotional speech. 
  4. At the end of the day, feel honored you got asked to speak. This is one of the most exciting, happy day in their lives and they want you to get up there and steal the show for a few minutes. So have fun, be genuine and of course make it your own.
Writing about speeches made me think about the Friends episode where Rachel and Phoebe are competing for maid of honor and have to make some impromptu speeches. So hilarious. But since I couldn't find a photo of that, this is the next best thing, oh Friends, how I miss you.

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