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Good Morning my little readers!

I hope that you're all enjoying this steady stream of sunshine we've been getting, its a big weekend for my cousin, as she is getting married! Lets hope this sunshine keeps up :) I've been home all week with strep throat...really, who gets strep throat in June?! Other then the obvious downsides, I have managed to catch up on my wedding reading! Quite a feat for me if you can believe it. This month's Martha Stewart Weddings proved to be my favorite edition, the DIY issue! I just love when this comes out every summer, so many great ideas! So let me summarize some of them here for you and throw in some of my own ideas from experience! I will toss out one idea everyday, for the next couple of days! Gotta keep you coming back for more, lets think of this as "Design It Yourself" week here at the wedding girl! (Thank you Martha for coming up with that term!) Alright, lets get the ball rolling with one of my favorite parts of a wedding....

FLOWERS: Do you want to cut the cost on flowers but still have a lush, garden look? Simple, there are some tricks of the trade that are very easy to follow and believe me, your wedding will still be a knock out. Here is something people don't often think of, stick with one flower. Be it roses, hydrangea's, tulips or peonies, if you stick with just one type per arrangement the out come will be just as breathtaking (possibly more so, since it won't be so busy) and cost effective. Another fun trick, buy the flowers and vases separately, some florists won't allow this, but most should, just say you'd like to arrange them yourself. If its one type of flower its quite simple, there's no way you could go wrong, plus it gives you the option to have some fun, different sized vases. You also don't have to stick to boring regular vases. You could head to a flea market or garage sale and pick up some funky jars and glasses, spray paint them all the same colour and volia! You have a really neat look arrangement of flowers and you did it for half the cost, plus then you get to pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

Here is another fancy trick, many brides would like flowers at the ceremony and reception. Totally fair, why wouldn't you, flowers (when done right and not completely over the top) can often be one of the prettiest (except for the bride, obviously) parts of a wedding. If I've been to your wedding and flowers have perhaps gone missing...don't blame me, but also don't look in my car...anyways, like I said many brides want flowers for both aspects of the wedding, well I have a secret for you. Ladies, use the same flowers for both, I've said it before and I will continue to say it again, NO ONE, except you and the wedding planner know that you're double using those suckers. And dare I say it...if someone else did find out, I doubt they'd care. There you go, you just cut your floral budget in half!

And the final cost cutting trick when it comes to flowers...this is a serious "Martha", as I like to call it. Make your own. Ya I said it, not grow your own, no no, MAKE your own flowers. Tissue paper flowers are pretty simple (a little finicky) but they look so great when you're done. They can be used for just about anything, my personal favorite use though, is a cake topper!
How pretty is that?!? Alright my final cost cutting tip for flowers, double those babies up as the take home gifts! Martha suggests pre bundling your centre pieces to make for an easy get away at the end of the night (read: to make them easier for Jessica to stash in her car) Here is an example of what this could look like.
There you have it folks, great uses for flowers and ways to cut the cost!
Have a great day :)

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