Cost Cutting Tips- Thrify Thursday Edition!

Alright, so I'm sure you're all wondering what today's fabulous idea for saving money will be...it probably even kept some of you up all night, no? Not so much? Ok here we go...

INVITATIONS!: I think I've already chatted about this on my blog, but this has got to be one of the easiest cost cutting scenario's. This day in age everyone has a printer and a computer, its as easy as buying some neat paper, investing in a cool paper cutter (Michael's has tons and often offers great monthly coupons!) and whipping up those invitations you've dreamed of yourself! Yes, its a time consuming process, get some friends and family over and offer them delicious meals in return for their help! You will feel so great about sending out these homemade invites and the icing on the cake is the money you saved. One of Martha's tricks is getting a bland invitation printed (if you're really worried that you aren't capable of doing it yourself on the computer- which is totally understandable!) and adding some sweet things to it. Think jewels, cut outs and stamps. Above all remember this, an invitation is the first taste of your wedding guests are getting, so make it you and have fun with it!
My biggest, personal piece of advice, keep it simple! As you can see above they've kept the invitation relativly simple and used a super fun sheet of paper! If you're in the Toronto area, check out my favorite paper shop- The Paper Place

Also, I know this isn't an invitation and I've already talked about save the dates on here...but come on! How cute is this save the date?
The best part is? You can download and print the save the date off Martha's website, AND all you need to do is add the paint  :)

Happy Thursday, get ready for tomorrow's edition!

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