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I have to apologize profusely readers! I know its been 2 weeks since I've written a new blog, how horrible! I've been busy with all sorts of things...one of them being Jury Duty. Which is a painfully boring, slow process. Anyways, that's over now and its the Friday of a long weekend! Wooo hooo. Lets just pray that the sun sticks around for us Torontonian's who have been dealing with rain, for what seems like forever! I also have to wish my Mom a very happy birthday! I hope she has a wonderful day, she certainly deserves it!

So, with the (hopefully) beautiful, hot, sunny weather upon us, my inspiration today is outdoor weddings. Mainly when people think of outdoor weddings they think golf course or somewhere by the water. This is not always the case, you could literally have a beautiful (budget friendly) backyard wedding! Or you could go all our and rent a tent, you could do it in a barn, at a winery, the options are truly endless. I, myself, have always pictured getting married outside, when I was a little (very impressionable) girl, my Mom used to take me to Parkwood Estates in Oshawa. It is a gorgeous, big, old mansion with fantastically lush, well manicured grounds. It has beautiful flowers and majestic fountains all over the place, leading you to feel like you're at a castle! Suffice to say it had a huge impression on me, especially when we saw tents being set up for weddings, I distinctly remember my Mom leaning over and saying, "maybe one day you'll have a wedding like this". And since then I've been picturing my wedding a certain way! Recently Tamara Mowery tied the knot in a beautiful outdoor wedding! It was so romantic and sweet looking.
Not too over done, great clean looking colours and what a great, rustic looking bar! This wedding looks stunning, there is nothing I like more then clean and simple, it leaves room for other things being the centre of attention then the gawdy decor! Of course having an outdoor wedding can have its downside, weather being the largest one! Its certainly not something you can predict and is an event planners biggest nightmare. When someone is expecting you to plan their biggest day you want to ensure you're making sure all of their wishes come true, weather can be a real ass and get in the way of that sometimes! But, on a beautiful summer day with the breeze in your hair and the sun shining on your face, I couldn't picture a more perfect way to get married!
Wow! Who wouldn't want to walk up that aisle? Looks so peaceful and lovely! I hope you all have a fabulous long weekend!!

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