The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and I need another party to plan!

After taking some time to catch up on my favorite blogs, I've also found some new favorite sites! Thanks to Shannon at "What's Up Whimsy" (If you haven't checked out that blog, please do so, its got TONS of awesome ideas!) I have discovered Brilliant Bash (http://www.brilliantbash.com/) which is a party supply site! Not just any party supplies, some of THE cutest I have ever laid my eyes on. I found it too close to the shower to be able to order any of these goodies, but that just means I have to throw someone else a party! So look out everyone I know I'm on the hunt for someone to throw a party for!

Just check out these cupcake goodies you can get!
A box with matching straws AND cupcake liners? I feel like I've died and gone to Martha Stewart's house (which is my own personal version of heaven). There are tons more cute things on this website, I urge you all to check it out! And my personal favorite part? Not outrageously priced! Another great site that I love and Shannon also reminded me of, BHLDN, which is a part of Anthropologie...and really, who doesn't love Anthropologie? http://www.bhldn.com/index.cfm Please check this website out, I can promise you it will be hard to tell yourself "you don't need it!" Not only do they have great dresses for bridesmaids that actually can be worn for other occasions. (Actually is the key word here, do you know how many times I've heard the phrase "the greatest thing about this dress is you can shorten and wear it again" Ya, usually you can't and in a lot of cases the bride is lucky their bridesmaids are even wearing it for the day, 27 Dresses anybody?!

Anyways, BHLDN has some amazing decor, its a little higher priced, but certainly worth it. Its stuff you can't get just anywhere! Check it out, here are some of my favorites:

So great! I hope you all enjoy the sunshine :)

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