What's Hot Now?!

Quirky place cards, that's what! In a time of DIY weddings and events, place cards are often over looked as something you can easily throw together at the last minute. While this is probably true, when it comes to weddings you should really never leave anything until the last minute AND there is so much fun to have with the place cards! Sure you can save some paper from your invitations and print off people's name like any Tom, Dick or Sally (what white washed names by the way) OR you can add some unique pizazz to your wedding and spice up their lives (Spice Girls reference, woo!).

Martha Stewart has some really neat idea's (of course she does, would we expect any less?) But that should just get the ball rolling, there are plenty of great idea's and ways to be fun with this sometimes boring, monotonous task. Here are some of my favorites!
How great are these?! I love the idea of having somewhat mismatched shapes, gives the eye something more to look at!

Cheese?!? As a place card?? Need I say more?

These are just so neat, I'm imagining this couple to be travel lovers? What are you getting from these place cards?
Stay tuned for tomorrow's Top 10!

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