What's Hot Now?

Flappers made them a fashion trend, delicious chips are named after them, they look adorable on sweet little baby girls....I'm talking about RUFFLES!

This is the hottest trend of this year, they're on dresses, cakes, decorations and accessories! What's a girl to do with so many ruffly choices?!? Well let me help you narrow this down. As I previously mentioned ruffles were made a fashion trend in the 1920's during the prohibition, this was a time when women started rebellion and decided they could dress and act however they wanted. A nice little history lesson for y'all! Anyways, since then ruffles have been seen as an extremely girly, kind of cheeky accessory to clothing and accessories. So I say let that inner flapper fly! Wear some ruffles and dance the night away. 

As you can see designers are all over this trend, tons of ruffled skirts or busts....so pick the area you want to highlight and ruffle up!

If you're into a more classic looking dress, incorporate ruffles into the decor and cake. Just look at what Martha did with ruffles

So amazing, but really, would we expect any less? So why not have a little fun and hop on the hottest trend of this season? Ruffles are so fun, just like you! 

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  1. I love both of those collections! Loving the blog by the way!! You are doing a fantastic job!


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