Honk if you're hungry!

On a beautiful summer day like this it is hard to be in an office, more specifically one with no windows, I haven't decided weather it's better because I can't see what I am missing or worse because I am not energized by the sun, that's a debate for another day. For now lets cheer ourselves up with a fantastic little treat from Get Married. In an article entitled "Honk if you're Hungry" (this title just cracks me up and I love it, as you could probably tell by my post title, what a hoot those writers at Get Married are) Get Married discusses the latest trend in weddings is food trucks. Dare I say, I told you so? I've discussed the most popular trucks being ice cream and burgers and fries, but people, there is a whole world of mobile amazingness out there! First and foremost I must mention that I stiffled a bit of a scream when I saw this...

That is a vintage cupcake truck...its like I've died and gone to heaven, someone DELIVERS cupcakes too you?! And displays them like that?! These are my kind of people, check out their cool website to see all of the neat things they've done. Many of these places will offer a flat fee for events, the pricing will range depending on the season, day of the week, hours and employees needed. Many of these trucks are being used at the cocktail hour, instead of roving hor d'ourves, so fun! You could also use them instead of a late night buffet or depending on what it is, cupcakes or ice cream lets say, use it for dessert!

The magazine also suggests all sorts of fun extras like themed napkins, straws and cupcake boxes. You can find a lot of that stuff at Brilliant Bash .I hope I've given you some insight on a really neat new trend that would make your wedding extra memorable if you're looking for that something special!

Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for my brand new edition called Top 10 Tuesday's! It'll be fun :)

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