Weddi-quette Wednesday!

Ok, I know I'm one day late....I was sick yesterday :(

Alright lets get this party started, this weeks topic is Knowing Your Limits. How many weddings have you been to where some of the guests just get outrageously intoxicated and its like a car accident happening before your eyes? I will say the worst is when its a bridal party attendee, they just start hitting on everyone like its going out of style and it turns into one big hot mess of embarrassment. We know, its sad that your friend has found love and you're alone, keep this up and you'll probably end up alone. Alright...that was harsh, sometimes it needs to be said. Alcohol is a social lubricant, everyone knows that, I'm sure it can be a great time, but then it hits a point and its not great anymore...its disastrous.

So how do you keep your cool and still have fun?! Of course open bars can be tricky because the drinks are flowing all night long! However, just because the drinks are "free",doesn't mean you have to be double fisting all evening. Take it easy, make sure you eat intermediately, they legally have to have food available all night. And most weddings are serving food ALL NIGHT! And sneak some water in there if you can. No one likes a sweaty, slurring guests that has no idea what personal space is. Biggest Weddi-quette rule? If you are making a speech do NOT even have one drink prior to speaking, not one ok? Seriously, things just turn ugly, people start singing, stories that you thought got buried with your bad perm in high school resurface and it somehow starts to smell a touch like vomit. So how many drinks are you allowed to have prior to speaking?! Zero! Your friends will thank you for it later, I promise.

Now on to the bride and groom. Alright, I get it, this is your day, you're paying for everything, etc. This does not give you a pass to get loser drunk. Lets remember all of the friends and family who have come out to support you on your big day! Do you think Nana wants to see you teaching someone how to dougie? She doesn't I promise, she thinks you are a lovely, well brought up individual. So please act this way. I am in no way implying to not drink at all! This is your wedding, you should totally celebrate, just don't get all weird and black out. Your wedding planner will give you props for this later!

So what do you do if you have a belligerent, over indulgent guest on your hand? One that thinks this is a frosh party and that slapping your 82 year old aunt on the ass is appropriate? Remove this person, seriously, its never a great situation, but the only thing that is going to happen is this guy is going to get more sloppy. Once people hit that point there first idea is not to stop! And if you don't the biggest memory of your wedding will be them puking on the dance floor. I know the thought of having to remove a guest is not appealing, I am here to tell you its completely appropriate and warranted, it was their choice to behave like that, not yours. All bartenders legally have to have their Smart Serve licence and they are taught to a) not to over serve and b) how to deal with a drunk guest. So utilize their knowledge on this topic, that way you don't have to do the dirty work of putting this fool in the cab. And if it really comes down to it, get one of the hunky groomsmen to give you a hand, they love a task that makes them look manly.

Just while I am on the topic of alcohol, a HUGE consideration that needs to be taken when you're getting married and looking for a venue is, how are people going to get home? If its out in the middle of nowhere, try to arrange for a bus or car service, no one should EVER drink and drive, but if you ensure to take these steps you can alleviate the thought of something like that even happening.

So to recap, have some drinks, have some fun, just be smart and safe and try to keep that dignity intact :)

Have a fantastic long weekend! Happy Birthday Canada!
Oh! And if you all thought I didn't notice that my beloved Kate and William are touring my beautiful country you we're WRONG. As if they're not coming to Toronto, am I the only one outraged by this?!?! OUTRAGED I SAY! Anyways, if you're trekking out to Ottawa or any of their other destinations I am jealous!!! Say hi to them for me!

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