What's Hot Now?!

Well other then the weather (YAY- please stay this way for my week up north!) I've been noticing quite a trend in weddings lately...Food Trucks. I would just like to state for the record that I was into this idea loooong before it became a cool trend! Anyways, what a fabulous idea! Who doesn't love stopping at the chip truck on a long trip up North in the summer, who didn't chase the ice cream man down as a kid in your jammies?! (always depressing if you caught up and your parents wouldn't give you money, I mean really if you put in that much effort you'd think it would be rewarded, anyways, that is an issue for a different time!)

So, are you looking to have a super individual aspect to your wedding, seriously, get a food truck, these days they have them in all sorts of flavors and types, taco trucks, hot dog carts, poutine trucks, there are a ton of them out there and I will eat my shorts if your guests don't love it and think you're the coolest couple ever. I was going to throw a bunch of options on here, but there are so many just google the truck of your hearts desire and you'll find one!
See what I'm talking about, look at how much fun their having at Moe's yummy truck!

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