Weddi-quette Wednesday!

Ok...we're going try out a little something new here at the wedding girl. Weddi-quette Wednesday's! I will be sharing some etiquette tips every Wednesday from now on (unless I'm on vacation...and in that case you'll just have to miss me for a week, sad I know.) I've just been finding that etiquette, be it weddings or everyday life, has gone out the window! What is that?! When did being polite and having manners not become the norm?! Ask my family, I drive them nuts with my plea's of no phones or hats at the table! Where you should put your napkin if you get up! And of course, quietly chewing. I'm sorry, maybe I am old fashioned, maybe I was born in the wrong era, but lets get real people- being a well mannered person is still cool!
So what is in store for today you ask? Lets talk about one of the most common area's of a wedding, one that perhaps not many guests are used to. The eating portion. Alright so you sit down at your table for dinner and your place setting looks something like this:

These 4 photos are all pretty similar (and so colourful, which I love!) always remember work from the outside, in! Come on, I know you've all seen Titanic (well, I actually can't say that because my best friend just recently saw it for the first time! That is classic movie!) anyways, if you have seen it you'll remember the Unsinkable Molly Brown helping Jack out at the dinner table. Smallest to biggest she said! So small fork on the farthest left for salad, larger one for dinner, knife on the immediate right for dinner, spoon for soup, there is usually a smaller knife for butter on a plate to your left hand side. As for dessert and coffee, there should be a small fork and spoon above the plate, that's what those are for! The fork will be closest to the plate going in the direction of the knife and the spoon above that the opposite way.

If this was an ultra formal setting there would be a couple of other aspects as well, like a fish fork and knife for example, you rarely see an ultra formal setting these days though, so don't concern yourself with that.

Now for glasses, at every formal place setting there should be a water glass and a wine glass. The water glass should be positioned a little closer to you, just above the knife and the wine glass will be a touch staggered to the right about the water glass. The only other thing will be the side plate with the butter knife on it. That should be it, you don't want to crowd your table, its annoying for the guests and BELIEVE ME as a past server, quite a bit to handle with multiple courses!

So there you have it my little readers, the first edition of Weddi-quette Wednesday's! I hope you enjoyed it and if you have any topics you would like covered, let me know!

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