Wedding Fashion

Happy Wednesday of a short work week! Even though its cold, rainy and miserable out, nothing will dampen my spirits of having a short work week AND being days away from the Royal Wedding!

I am currently reading a very cute book called "Rattled" its a memoir about a girl who seemingly has it all, great job in the fashion industry, New York apartment, cute boyfriend and then..you guessed it...she finds out she's pregnant. So far its a pretty great story, anyways, the reason I'm bringing this up is because it lead me to her blog. Her blog is a part of Glamour Magazines website and I found out they have a whole wedding section! I did not know this, I though Glamour was strictly make up, hair and fashion. While I know all of those things are important parts of a wedding, I just never thought a main stream magazine like Glamour would have an entire section dedicated to it! As you can tell I am very pleased! Even contemplating a subscription! Anyways I encourage everyone to check it out! They have some really neat hair styles for the upcoming season, plus TONS of dresses for the bride and her party! I also got a chance to preview Vera Wang's new line for David's Bridal! How exciting. This is one of my favorites, I think this dress is so elegant, I might do a different type of skirting, but I still do love it!
So check out Glamour's wedding section! I promise you won't be disappointed!


  1. That book sounds right up my alley! I think I may buy it :)

    And I came across a website that has really nice wedding dresses that I thought you'd like: http://ivyandaster.com/the-collection/dress/

  2. Funnily enough Shannon, that website is one of Glamour's featured designers to watch! Looks like you're ahead of the game :) You definately need to read that book, I'm having trouble putting it down!


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