Happy Royal Wedding Week!

Happy Monday!

Lets be honest, coming back to work after a long weekend is not the greatest feeling, especially after a weekend of too much chocolate! But this is Royal Wedding Week and I am PUMPED! Articles are coming out daily about seating charts, menu's and procession routes! Plus Kate had her final dress fitting over the weekend! How exciting! My Mom and I spent Friday night watching the 20/20 special about the wedding and the head planner was interviewed. He said things have been planned for months, there is no room for error and every single detail has been combed over obsessively. This wedding is on a world stage, Charles and Diana garnered 750 Million people worldwide watching their special day, I can only imagine Kate and William will exceed that. There are so many more ways to view the wedding this time around! The other thing to keep in mind is this is of course, not your normal run of the mill wedding. Not only will people be expecting big things from the food, fashion and decor, but the security detail is going to be insane! I can't imagine the stress of being in charge of something that large scale. This wedding planner deserves to be knighted...imagine that?! I don't think you can chose your title, but if the occasion arose for me I think I'd go for a nice Dame Jessica...not the worst. While I will be watching the wedding itself and being a nit picking wedding planner the whole time (oh and fantasizing all of the things I could do with that outrageous budget! Over 20 million pounds!) I'm sure others will just be enjoying the fairytale of a young girl becoming a princess come true. I genuinely wish Kate and William the best (not that they're reading this...but imagine if they were?) And I hope their's turns out to be a happily ever after...

What are you most excited about when it comes to the Royal Wedding?!

PS- if you haven't already heard about this movie, you have to check it out! It looks hilarious!!

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  1. Interesting! My own sister wanted a royal themed wedding party at one of the destination DC wedding venues. She just got married and was able to have her dream ceremony. The couple hired the best party planner for the arrangements. They were so happy on their big day.


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