Royal Wedding Run-down!

Looks like I'm not the only one that's itching with excitement over this coming Friday! Toronto's Metro Newspaper has a spread that gives a great run down of the day of! Thanks to my lovely boyfriend for saving me a copy! So here it is, a day of schedule so you don't miss a minute of the excitement!

8:00am- (London Time- they are 4 hours ahead of us...which make it 4am if you want to see things live! YIKES!) Guests begin arrive at Westminster Abbey, according to their social standing
9:50am- Foreign dignitaries arrive, followed by Foreign Royals at 10:20am
10:15am- Prince William and Prince Harry arrive at the Abbey (YAY!)
10:27am- Kate's Mother and Brother arrive at the Abbey (if they are walking into the Abbey at 10:27am on the dot, I will eat my shorts, who is that precise?)
10:30am- British Royals start to arrive at Westminster Abbey, followed by Senior Royals at 10:40am. The Prince of Wales arrives at 10:42am (they are taking this whole "down to the last minute" thing very literally) the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh arrive at 10:45am.
10:51am- Kate leaves The Goring Hotel for the Abbey. (If you haven't already done so, please take a look at the website for The Goring- http://www.thegoring.com/ this is where I will be staying when I visit London...in my dreams haha)
11:00am- (ARE THEY HONESTLY ONLY GIVING HER 9 MINUTES?!?! Ummm hello?! Whatever happened to traffic, cold feet, needing to fix your lip gloss....this is stressing me out just thinking about it, I'm sweating) Ceremony beings (probably late, because of all of the reasons I just listed) at Westminster Abbey. 1,900 guests have been invited (I was unfortunately not one of them). It will also be shown on huge screens in Trafalgar Square and in Hyde Park.
12:15pm- The ceremony ends and the couple will travel by horse drawn carriage to Buckingham Palace. The route will take them through Parliament Square, to Whitehall, down Horse Guard Parade, to the Mall (really?! the mall, she's not Britney Spears on a freakin' mall tour in 1999, she is a Princess for goodness sakes! I don't think the mall is necessary) and end at the Palace (great place to end, I would probably get off the carriage and be like "this is all mine!!!" and that is why I will never be part of the Royal Family.) It took Charles and Diana 1 hour to complete their tour from St. Paul's (that is A LOT of smiling and waving) Its going to take Will (I refuse to call him Wills) and Kate 15 minutes, more time to part-ay!
1:25pm- After catching their breath at the palace (see makeup touch up and hair re-do. AND if she's smart and really wants to enjoy her day, a gown change wouldn't be the worst idea) the couple and the Royal Family will then make an appearance on the balcony and the couple will have a snog (its British...as you can see I'm more prepared for this wedding then most people would assume)
1:30pm- There will be a fly past over Buckingham Palace by the RAF. This marks the beginning of the Queen's lunch reception at the palace, only 650 invites when out for the lunch.
6:00pm- After a nap and some more waving to their people Prince Charles will host a dinner, followed by dancing (if you want a good chuckle picture Prince Charles dancing in any capacity)

If you haven't already seen this delightful little commercial, please check it out. Its my new favorite and if this actually happened at the wedding, I might die of happiness. Hope this gives you a little smile on this rainy, miserable day!


  1. Hahaha, I loved all your little comments, especially "i will eat my shorts!"

  2. My china tea cup and saucer are ready to go.


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