Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya Tomorrow!!!

Well this is it! We are one more sleep away, half a sleep since some will have to get up before the sun to watch this spectacular event! At this point everything is done and ready to go, the flowers are being put in place, final changes are being made to seating plans and the menu is being prepared as we speak! Will and Kate are spending there last day away from eachother and tomorrow marks the beginning of their forever! I can only imagine how nervous Kate is, tomorrow her entire world changes in more then one way. She's not just marrying William, but his entire family essentially. That is A LOT of pressure, the British Monarchy has been around for hundreds of years and these 2 are eventually going to be in charge. I can only imagine things will change for the better, the world (my world at least) will be a happy place with those 2 beauties running it. My hope for Kate especially, is that she and William are stronger and more of a unit then Charles and Diana, as they proved, this is not something you can get through alone!

So while tomorrow is an extremely exciting and happy day, it also has a little bit of sadness attached to it. My dreams of one day being Queen and marrying Prince William and his balding head are going to be thrown out the window. The 13 year old girl in me is weeping, but the 23 year old is ECSTATIC! Follow along tomorrow with me as I watch the magic unfold!

If you are looking for your own Royal Wedding Keepsake, copies of the program are avalible to download here: http://www.officialroyalwedding2011.org./blog/2011/April/28/Royal-Wedding-update--Official-programme--including-Order-of-Service--available-online-1

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