Two Words...Oh Wow!

I am in shock, I knew that I would love this wedding, but I didn't know how warm and fuzzy it would make me feel. Its like watching the mother of all love stories. The way he smiled the whole time he was driving in, the small jokes he was making with his brother, the way she shook as she got out of the car, floated out of the car is more like it. She took my breath away with the stunning Alexander McQueen dress  and beautiful tiara she is wearing today. I was mesmerized watching her glide up the aisle on her father's arm with her gorgeous sister right behind her. She got to the end of the aisle, where her Prince was waiting, and we watched him say, "you look beautiful, very beautiful", I'm getting misty just thinking about it again....what a dream come true. I'd like to be able to report on more....but I had to pause it to wait for my darling Mom, she really picks the most pivotal times to do something. So here I wait, barely able to stop myself from hitting play! I can't watch anything else on TV, go on the internet OR listen to the radio in fear that I will ruin for myself.

So lets talk about what I've seen so far. Hats....hundreds and hundreds of hats! And I am a fan! I think we should all work on wearing hats more often. I will say this though, Fergie, I love ya, but what on God's green earth is Beatrice wearing?! My brother happened to be watching that part and genuinely asked why Lady Gaga got the invite....seriously! What is that?! Its not even a hat. Most Posh looking so far? Of course, Victoria Beckham, is there anything she can't do right?! Both Beckham's looked stunning. Kate's Mum, Carol Middleton, as looked angelic, the colour, style and fit of the dress is perfection, not to mention of course, the hat!  Our very own Canadian girl Autumn Kelly was also a stunner, I've also got to mention Camilla, she was looking quite lovely, very demure, classy. And last but not least, the Queen, she looks great! 85 years old and she's pulling off that vibrant yellow like a pro, super appropriate for the Spring. All in all I am very impressed, this wedding is magical so far, just as I imagined it would be...I hope for the 2 billion of you out there that are tuning in, that you are experiencing the same emotions of happiness, magic and joy that I am! It truly is a special day for hopeless romantics everywhere! What did your Royal Parties look like?! Here is some photos of mine :)

I promise I'll be back later with more updates...

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