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I've been fielding, texts, emails and phone calls all day, "well Jess, was it everything you thought it would be?!" and I've been answering "everything and more!" While the wedding was over the top in beauty and real emotion, the small details were actually quite simple. For the first time in history the bride and groom had a maid of honor and best man, this is in keeping with the "commoner" wedding tradition and is in place of having ladies in waiting ect. Kate's maid of honor was her sister Pippa, who was looking angelic in a white floor length gown. William only had Harry as the best man, the rest of their wedding party was made up of tiny royals! Kate's bouquet was small and simple, but what most people don't know, is that the bouquet was quite well thought out. It was made up of Lily of the Valley which represents happiness, Sweet William (for obvious reasons) which means gallantry, Ivy which means fidelity and Myrtle which has been in royal wedding bouquets since Queen Victoria. Her husband, Albert, brought a Myrtle tree over from Germany prior to their wedding, planted it on the palace grounds and has since been placed in Royal bouquets. Even her tiara wasn't over the top and pretentious, it belonged to the Queen Mother and it was passed on to the Queen as a gift on her 18th birthday. The tiara is called "The Halo" at the palace and rightfully so.

The whole ceremony was so tasteful and lovely, the way Harry said "just wait until you see her!" as Kate was walking up the aisle is a true testament to how in love these 2 really are. Perhaps my favorite part of the whole day was watching Kate get into the carriage, just as they had exited the Abbey, she turned to William and said "I am so happy!". Not to be cheesy, but I was so happy too!! Back to the palace the Duke and Duchess went to head out on to the balconies with their families for a formal presentation as a married couple. They kissed not once, but twice! And we're so freakin cute and shy about it!  The day couldn't have gone better in my perspective and I'm sure they're off dancing to Jay Z and Beyonce (who needs a DJ when they'll come and do a live show!?) until the early hours of the morning. 

Obviously the biggest topic around today's festivities was, of course, THE dress. Kate's dress comes from The House of Alexander McQueen and was designed by Sarah Burton. Speculation states that parts of the dress were taken from McQueen's unmade sketches. The dress was unbelievable, I had a feeling she would impress me, but this dress will not be out done. The shape, the lace, the neckline, it was simply stunning. She may have tore a page out of Princess Grace Kelly's book, but this Duchess of Cambridge is certainly setting the stage for a new fashion icon. 

Over 2 billion people watched this joyous event take place, what a wonderful feeling that the world was tuning into something so happy, filled with so much love. I think we need to cherish times like this, usually when that amount of people are glued to their televisions, its for something earth shattering and horrible, like the recent earthquake in Japan or 9/11. The wedding today reminded us that there is a lot of good and love in the world and what a way to celebrate it! 

I hope you all enjoyed "The Wedding of the Century" as much as I did! 

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