Royal Wedding Countdown!

Ok people, its official, we are DAYS away (12 to be exact) from the Royal Wedding! As the days get closer we are finding out more and more about this extravagant event. As exciting as all of that is, I can't imagine how magical it will be to actually see it all unfold! Kate was seen just last week at Westminster Abbey for the wedding rehearsal, how exciting it must be to know you're going to have this huge elegant wedding and become a princess, all in one day! Lady Diana (and her dress) spurred a whole movement of girls and their wedding dreams, ask my mom, she was one of them. I can only imagine the impact Kate will have on all of the future brides out there!

They are predicting a little over 1 million people in London on the day of the wedding, oh what I would give to be there! But for those of us who will be watching it from the comfort of our own homes, here's what you need to know:
Things will be getting started at 3:10am and will be broadcasting on CTV and CP24.
Coverage goes on until 12:10 that evening, be sure not to miss Marilyn Denis' Reception Special from 10am-11am on CTV.

So get your scones, giant hats and pearls out ladies, April 29th will be a day to remember!

In the mean time, check out this video....could you imagine if this actually happened?!

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