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What many people don't realize is truly how easy it is to have many DIY ("do it yourself") components. I completely understand that many people simply don't have to time to dedicate an entire weekend to invitation making. Me on the other hand? I LOVE dedicating my weekends to DIY projects. Be it invitation making, centrepiece making, gardening, scrap booking or heck, even painting a bookcase! I know I just mentioned a wide array of crafty projects that tickle my fancy and like I said, I know its not for everyone. But I think to a lot of couples, the DIY route is a great way to go! I also think the thought of actually sitting down to design and create your own invitations is a lot more daunting then it has to be. When a couple first gets engaged and they're discussing all of the fun and amazing things they want to do with their wedding, it is certainly one of the most exciting moments...then they see the price tag!!!! Weddings are extremely expensive and I've never been one to paint a fantasy for a couple that is completely unrealistic to their budget, but I do want to help make the dream into a reality. So I turn to my guru, Martha and see what sorts of ideas she has that are cost friendly and effective! Here is a great example of something you could make that screams class and elegance but doesn't cost a ton!
This table setting place card holder is gorgeous! Obviously you could chose your own style and colours but the basic idea is a great one! Not only would this place card holder work inside or outside (believe me you NEED something like this on a windy summer day!) but guess what?! You could totally reuse this in your house after! A nice token from your wedding that you, yourself created. Its as simple as this:
  1. Select the size of board you want, ensure that it will have enough room to house all of your cards.
  2. Head over to Michael's or Home Hardware and pick the type of board you want, cork (this is great because if you plan on using it after you can also use push pins in it), wood even a thick craft cardboard would work.
  3. Pick out the fabric and ribbons that will be placed on the board.
  4. Secure the piece of fabric around the board, using a staple gun or some heavy duty craft tape to hold it into place.
  5. Once the fabric is nice a tight around the board, begin to secure the ribbon on the board. This is where you can have a little fun! Depending on what your place cards look like, you could have the ribbon horizontally (as shown above) you could criss cross the ribbons or you could do them vertically. Again a staple gun is probably the best way to ensure the ribbon stays in place!
  6. Tidy up the backing a little, you could fold the fabric and ribbon to make it cleaner looking. Or just trim everything off if you're comfortable doing that, just ensure that the lines are straight. Don't stress to much about the backing, as probably no one will even see it.
  7. Voila!! Your beautiful DIY creation is done and ready for the cards to be stuck on them :)  

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