My apologies!

I have been TARDY with updating my wonderful blog! I just returned from an amazing two week trip along the California coast with my boyfriend! It was a real hoot! California is such a beautiful place, it feels so fresh and sunny after a long, cold winter! It of course sparked my interest in the beautiful 17 Mile Drive, which was the only post I managed to make in 2 weeks. It was so awe inspiring I forced myself to write about it...not easy after a long day of being a sassy tourist!

Check out that view!
But now I am home and back to reality, which is totally ok, because guess what?!?! ITS WEDDING SEASON!!! The beginning of Spring marks a fresh new season of weddings, new trends, new styles and of course this year...the royal wedding. For those of you who are interested (which should really be everyone on the planet!) we're just 24 days away from the big event! While I've decided to be somewhat responsible and not take the day off work, you better believe that I will be PVR-ing this epic wedding!

So what's on my mind today in the wonderful world of weddings?! Midnight snack bars...over done or just plain fabulous?! Being a bit of a self proclaimed foodie, the midnight snacks are one of the things I look forward to most at a wedding (no judgement please). Sure I'm not super adventurous with trying new foods, but give me a grilled cheese bar, mini cupcakes, sweet potato fries (pre dipped usually) and some cheesecake pops and HELLO! I'm in heaven. The whole idea with Midnight Snack bars is to ensure that people don't get too drunk. Lets be honest, no one likes the overly close talking drunk person, espeically if they're spitting on your gorgeous new dress you bought specifically for this momentous occassion. Anyways, back to the snacks, while they do serve a purpose, they're also another GREAT opportunity to get creative! Both bride and groom can chose their personal favorites, you can come up with kitchy names for the snacks or you can run with a theme! So many options! Check out this great photo from one of my favorite sites- Stylemepretty.com! Looks pretty delicious if you ask me!

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