Showers Galore!

I have showers on the mind lately, not because of the nasty rain we've been getting though. Should it even be allowed to rain when its this cold?! Anyways, I've got a couple of showers coming up, one bridal and one baby! (I can't wait to meet that little guy!) I have been thinking about ways to snazz up the bridal one for months, being the maid of honor I've had LOTS of time to think this over.My mom has always had a fascination with tea sets, she collects all sorts of neat cups and we drink tea all the time, you'd think we lived in London. One day last summer it just came to us! Lets have a tea party for the shower! And really with the upcoming Royal Wedding, could you not think of a better time to have a teaparty?! My mom and I have brainstormed a wide variety of decorations and menu choices, we're crossing our fingers for some nice weather so we can have this lovely shower outside!

Cue Martha, its like she knew I was planning a shower with this theme, because she just recently released an article with some fabulous ideas should you want to have a tea party theme.
Look at that gorgeous centrepiece, how cute and eclectic! I'm not quite sure if we have enough tea cups and saucers for something this elaborate, now I'm on the hunt for some more tea sets! Some of her other ideas that I intend to use are teabags as place cards, Martha has made a label to put at the end of the string on the teabag and then written their names on the tea bags! Ingenious!!! And some menu options will include finger sandwiches (obviously!), cookies, a veggie tray and of course, our signature cupcakes, I think that to keep up with the theme I will attempt to make some Earl Grey Orange cupcakes, a personal favorite. Martha's suggestion for cookies at a shower? Umbrella shaped! How cute and perfectly fitting!

 I've also tracked down some really fun games to play, but I don't want to spoil the whole shower in case the lovely bride to be happens to be reading this! So I'll have to update you on those after the shower. As for the baby shower, I'm not the one in charge of the plans, they're in the very capable hands of the future grandma! I'm sure I will show up with cupcakes though, blue for what is sure to be the cutest little guy!

Happy Monday!

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